Captain Duties in DBC 17


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Aug 21, 2016
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I haven't played Ashes cricket so far so my comment is only based on DBC 17. Didn't know if we have this feature in ashes cricket or not.

I recently start playing again DBC 2017 in career mode. IT was all fine in the beginning but when i became captain of the state side, i found captain experiance is not that good. Few of the things i would like to see when i purchase my next cricket game from Big ant.

1. During the team selection time, we don't know what will be the pitch type in next match. So really there is no way to select a team (I don't know what bowling combination to play, also what type of batsman to choose). Either include team selection before toss during match or present next match pitch type.

2. While fielding, my player is a bowling allrounder. but i just want to bowl a full spell and dont want to field in between overs. if i press skip to player, it sometime remove my player from bowling and other player just starting bowls and by the time i observe that its too late for the damage.
Solution might be, present with a skip (just like now) and other could be manage( where you are managing the team while you are not batting or bowling, it should ask before any bowling or field change)

3. While batting, I wanted to manage my batting order more closely, So again solution could be two option skip or manage (manage could be like at every wicket fall we could select who will go next for bat)

Manage option should be available only if you are captain.

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