How to play different type of shots while batting at a particular area?


Club Captain
Jan 6, 2021
Hi all. What I meant was, well, let's say I want to hit the ball for a six over fine leg. There are 3 types of shots I have seen so far. One is the pull shot. Other one is going behind and flicking the ball towards fine leg and other shot is putting your knee down and making room to hit the shot over fine leg {Like a sweep shot? but it's not a sweep shot for sure. It is like a combination of the ramp shot and sweep shot I guess.} How do you do these different type of shots? It's the same area and the same shot but played in back foot but the shot selection seems random. Is it just random or can you choose which variation of shot you would like to play?

Edit: I am using Standard controls.


School Cricketer
Apr 28, 2021
This shot is a front foot shot, which means your front foot should be going down the pitch towards the area where the ball is bouncing. Your front leg should be bent slightly, and your head should be above your front knee. When you strike the ball, the bat face should be facing directly back towards the bowler.

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