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Feb 27, 2021
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Its good that the issue of "current Indian batsmen not honing their bowling skills" is gaining a lot of traction in media and social media. In those days, Sachin, Ganguly, Sehwag, Yuvraj, Raina, etc bowled a lot of overs and were considered to almost be 'sixth bowlers' of the team. Ganguly and Sachin won games for India with the ball.

But today - even Rohit Sharma who used to bowl some useful off spin has completely stopped bowling. From some weird reason, Suresh Raina stopped bowling in the last 2 years of his career (including in IPL, under Dhoni). Virat occasionally takes up bowling here and there but even he is very circumspect of bowling. What has triggered this change in Indian cricket in recent times that, batsmen are so afraid of bowling? Our 2011 WC win was orchestrated by Yuvraj Singh, the bowler and batsman. And its very ironical that Dravid is the head coach and him coming from a generation of batsmen donning multi-utility hats (either being a bowler or a part time wicketkeeper), he has not really brought out this trait into the team.
Yup Sachin was a way better bowler than batsman.


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Agreed. Consistency is a very important factor here. Why should the selection committee not be questioned when they have a crop of consistent performers who reliably perform above average (not excellent, but above average) and still get ignored? Why should India keep investing its hopes, dreams, and money in inconsistent players who, by the very nature of their game, can't always deliver the goods?

I think these are the more important questions. I'd rather have an Indian team that reliably makes it through the first stage of a multi-lateral international format than a team who can either go all the way to the finals or can crash out in the first stage itself.

Consistent performers can be trained to consistently improve their game. We will eventually get a team that consistently wins good tournaments. Inconsistent performers are a different thing altogether.


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Apparently, some major rumours developing behind the scenes here.

1. Virender Sehwag been approached to be Chief Selector
2. Nehra and Hesson may coach India in the near future

Isn't he? Or am I missing out on some inside joke now? :p

He is that person! lol! He deleted his old account and joined again when TPCL began!

Go through your old DMs. You might have received some pure Gold from him in the past! :laughter:

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