On Hold Indian Heroes League 2016 (IHL16) | Its Auction Time! | Round 1


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Mar 21, 2012
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So that concludes our sign ups.
Here's the complete manager list:

Lucknow Living Legends - @Will Nile
Ranchi Eagles - @Rudolph
Bhubaneshwar Strikers - @Saroj padhy
Kolkata Jaguars -
@Rohit Tiwari
Ludhiana Lions - @Asham (To post his team's logo)
Telangana Titans - @Jack Ryder

We would now proceed with the Auctions.

Auction System:
The managers of the respective team would need to PM me their bids on any of the players to be auctioned in that round. The manager with the highest bid would get that player in his squad. Each manager would be provided with a total amount of 20 Million to spend on the auction. Note that the base price is irrespective of player's skills in simulator.

Auction Rules:
  • The manager can bid on more than one player in that round.​
  • The bidding has to be started from the base price provided.​
  • It is not necessary for the manager to bid every round.​
  • If a manager runs out of money, he would be alloted the un-auctioned players as per requirement at the end of all rounds.​
Squad Rules:
Each team's squad must contain atleast 18 players out of which 10 should be Indian whereas 8 should be overseas. Keep the criteria given below in mind while bidding.
The squad must have atleast:​
  • 6 Batsman (:bat:)​
  • 1 Wicketkeeper (:wk:)​
  • 4 Bowlers (:bwl:)​
Round-1 (Batsman - Overseas) :

Player Name | Base Price
Misbah Ul Haq :bat: | 800k
Alex Hales :bat: | 800k
Brad Hodge :bat: | 800k
Kane Williamson :bat: | 500k
David Warner :bat: | 800k
Rob Quiney :bat: | 500k

Managers, PM (Not Visitor Message) me your bids after carefully reading everything stated above. If you have question/query you can contact me. The deadline to send the bids is 48 hours from the time of this post. No bid would be considered after the deadline.
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Jun 5, 2011
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IT would be great if we know the complete list of players and round so to plan a bit.


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