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Jun 22, 2006
I am starting a new project with Owzat Games International Cricket and the IC Excel Helper, an alternative cricket history starting in October 1980/1 and progressing as far into the future as I can manage.
I chose 1980/1 because I really like the players around then, I saw a lot of them play on tours of Australia in the 1980's and read a lot about the overseas matches in Wisden as I was growing up.
I will be sticking to the existing schedule as much as possible, but adding tours here and there so each team has at least 2 home and 2 away series per year.
I will be adding ODIs to each tour and also T20s because I would love to see how someone like Viv Richards goes in T20 cricket.
A player's Test card will be used for white ball matches, I don't mind that stats aren't official.
I will creating players for Tour matches based on stats achieved in Tour matches and Tests and also extra Test and ODI players using the Player Generator.
I will be using my own selections for matches, with the injury rules from the Welcome Back to the West Indies set adding a random element to selection.
Pitches, Weather and Form will play an important part in selections, with players rewarded for doing well in the replay.
I will be using the Enhanced New Ball Rules, Ground Specific Weather Conditions, and ignoring in game injuries (too annoying with a 5 man attack).
The schedule for the first year or so has been mostly worked out, sticking to the original schedule as much as possible, with some Tour matches featuring Test players added.
I might add some ODI and T20 tournaments here and there if gaps in the schedule open up, but the Test schedule is set for the 1st season.
I might also add some A tours and Youth cricket, and maybe some domestic cricket using Test players if I have space in the schedule.
Sri Lanka will gain Test status a year early with active First Class players in 1980/1 allowed to participate.
South Africa and Zimbabwe will gain Test status around 1985/6 with 90's Test players who were active at First Class level at that time filling their squads.
I may fill in the gaps in my database for previous years if I feel like some variety with older players but for now I am sticking with 1980/1.

1980/1 Test, ODI and T20 Schedule

New Zealand in Sri Lanka (3 Tests, 5 ODIs, 5 T20Is)
West Indies in India (6 Tests, 7 ODIs, 5 T20Is)
England in Pakistan (3 Tests, 5 ODIs, 5 T20Is)
Sri Lanka in India (3 Tests, 5 ODIs, 5 T20Is)
West Indies in Pakistan (4 Tests, 7 ODIs, 5 T20Is)
New Zealand in Australia (3 Tests)
West Indies in Sri Lanka (3 Tests, 5 ODIs, 5 T0Is)
World Series Cup ODIs (A, I, NZ) (in Australia)
Tri Series T20Is (A, I, NZ) (in Australia)
India in Australia (5 Tests)
Pakistan in Sri Lanka (3 Tests, 5 ODIs, 5 T20Is)
India in New Zealand (5 Tests, 5 ODIs, 5 T20Is)
England in West Indies (6 Tests, 7 ODIs, 5 T20Is)
Pakistan in New Zealand (3 Tests, 5 ODIs, 5 T20Is)
Australia in Sri Lanka (3 Tests, 5 ODIs, 5 T20Is)
Pakistan in West Indies (5 Tests, 7 ODIs, 5 T20Is)
Australia in England (6 Tests, 7 ODIs, 5 T20Is)
Sri Lanka in England (3 Tests, 5 ODIs, 5 T20Is)
ODI Champions Trophy (in England)

1980/1 A Team Schedule

Pakistan A in India
West Indies A in New Zealand
England A in in Australia
New Zealand A in Pakistan
Australia A in West Indies
India A in England

More to follow...

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New Zealand in Sri Lanka - October 1980/1 - Tour Preview

New Zealand tour Sri Lanka in October 1980/1 for 3 Tests, 5 ODIs, and 5T20Is.
Sri Lanka will be making their debut in International matches a year early for this replay with the 11 Test players active at First Class level in 1980/1 filling their squad.
New Zealand have a strong squad in 1980/1 after beating West Indies in a Test series at Home earlier in the year and start as heavy favourites.
Sri Lanka hope to spring a surprise or two and with Home conditions heavily in favour of spin it should bring their support spinners into the game.
The visitors look strongest in bowling with their attack lead by fast bowler Richard Hadlee, and spinners Stephen Boock and John Bracewell set to play a big role.
A slight weakness in batting may be the tourists achilles heel, something the Sri Lankans will hope to exploit during the series.

New Zealand Squad:

G.P.Howarth (c)
M.G.Burgess (vc)
W.K.Lees (wk)
I.D.S.Smith (wk)

New Zealand in Sri Lanka 1980/1 Tour Schedule:

1st Test v Sri Lanka at Sinhalese Sports Club, Colombo
3 day match Sri Lanka President's XI at Colombo Cricket Club, Colombo
2nd Test v Sri Lanka at P.Saravanamuttu Stadium, Colombo
3 day match v Sri Lanka Under 25's at Kandy
3rd Test v Sri Lanka at Moratuwa

1st ODI at Kandy
2nd ODI at Colombo Cricket Club, Colombo
3rd ODI at Moratuwa
4th ODI at P.Saravanamuttu Stadium, Colombo
5th ODI at Sinhalese Sports Club, Colombo

1st T20I at Colombo Cricket Club, Colombo
2nd T20I at Moratuwa
3rd T20I at Kandy
4th T20I at Sinhalese Sports Club, Colombo
5th T20I at P.Saravanamuttu Stadium, Colombo

Sri Lanka crcket.jpg
NZ cricket 2.jpg
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Sri Lanka v New Zealand - 1st Test - at Sinhalese Sports Club, Colombo - 1st October, 1980/1 - Match Preview

The Sinhalese Sports Club hosts the 1st International match in it's history on 1st October, 1980, as Sri Lanka face New Zealand in the 1st Test.
New Zealand have some injury problems going into this match, something that could play into the Sri Lankans hands on a pitch that should assist spin.
Captain Geoff Howarth, batsman John Parker, and pace spearhead Richard Hadlee all miss this game for New Zealand, with Hadlee's loss by far the most serious, a cracked rib forcing the allrounder to miss the first 2 Tests.
With the pitch possibly Taking Spin late in the match New Zealand have chosen both spinners, with Ewan Chatfield and Gary Troup taking the New Ball.
New Zealand start as favourites, but the injuries could make the match closer, particularly if the tourists are forced to bat last on a turning pitch.
The decision to leave out experienced batsman Glenn Turner may come back bite the tourists but the top 3 look to be pretty solid players in any case.
Some Humid weather aiding Swing will make the seamers dangerous on the 1st Day, but with the pitch heavily favouring spin late in the match it looks to be a bat first wicket.

Pitch: (pre 1988) - (7A,3,8A,8) - Nicely-prepared strip with the prospect of an evenly-balanced contest between batsman and bowler. Some early pace in the pitch may make winning the toss a mixed blessing, but the pitch is certainly likely to favour the spinners on the final day.
Day 1 Starting Pitch: 7A - Fast Paced Wicket
Day 1 Weather: 1 - Hot and Humid
Injuries: G.P.Howarth (ankle injury - 1 match), J.M.Parker (stomach bug - 1 match), R.J.Hadlee (cracked rib - 2 matches)

Sri Lanka:

B.Warnapura (c)
R.S.Madugalle Silva
H.M.Goonatille (wk)
J.R.Ratnayeke Mel
L.W.S.Kaluperuma Silva

Test Debuts: All

New Zealand:

W.K.Lees (wk)


Sinhalese Sports Club, Colombo, hosts the 1st Test between Sri Lanka and New Zealand in 1980/1
Sri Lanka v New Zealand - 1st Test - at Sinhalese Sports Club, Colombo - 1980/1 - Sri Lanka 1st Innings

Sri Lanka won the Toss and batted first hoping for the pitch to favour spin on Day 4 and 5 despite the Humid conditions aiding Swing.
In a spectacular start to their Test history, Sri Lanka lost opener Sidath Wettimuny to a superb yorker from fast medium bowler Ewan Chatfield to the 1st ball of the match.
When captain Bandula Warnapura also fell 1st ball Sri Lanka had made the worst possible start and with 4 of the first 5 batsmen falling to Yorkers from the New Ball bowlers the home side were in disarray.
Middle order batsman Ranjan made a brave 37 but with all 5 of the New Zealand bowlers chipping in they were all out for a palty 84 halfway through Day 1.
Left arm fast medium bowler Gary Troup used his Swing and Yorker to good effect to take 4-32 and with Ewan Chatfield and medium pacer Coney chipping in with 2 wickets each the injured Richard Hadlee was barely missed.
After being dismissed so cheaply the only plus for Sri Lanka is conditions remain Humid for the remainder of the day, possibly allowing their opening bowlers to grab some early wickets.

Sri Lanka 1st Innings 84/10 All Out (Overs 40.4)

S Wettimunyb EJ Chatfield01100
B Warnapura*c WK Leesb GB Troup07100
RL Diasb EJ Chatfield7302610
LRD Mendisb GB Troup13604610
RS Madugallelbwb JV Coney371106750
DS de Silvab GB Troup617810
HM Goonatilleke+c WK Leesb JV Coney9141310
JR Ratnayekec WK Leesb GB Troup6384300
ALF de Melc JV Coneyb JG Bracewell4241410
LWS Kaluperumab SL Boock2262000
GRA de Silvanot out05500
extras(b0 lb0 w0 nb0)0
TOTAL10 wickets for84
1-0(S Wettimuny) 2-4(B Warnapura) 3-12(RL Dias) 4-26(LRD Mendis) 5-48(DS de Silva)
6-61(HM Goonatilleke) 7-78(JR Ratnayeke) 8-78(RS Madugalle) 9-84(ALF de Mel)
10-84(LWS Kaluperuma)
EJ Chatfield104252
GB Troup134324
JV Coney8482
SL Boock5.4281
JG Bracewell41111

Gary Troup 2.jpg
New Zealand left arm fast medium bowler Gary Troup took 4-32
Sri Lanka v New Zealand - 1st Test - at Sinhalese Sports Club, Colombo - 1980/1 - New Zealand 1st Innings

Sri Lankan offspinner Lalith Kaluperuma claimed one of the more amazing 5 wicket hauls off just 8 overs as New Zealand's lead was kept to just 44.
New Zealand were all out for 128 on a blameless pitch, as Kaluperuma found Turn regularly to run through the middle order and tail after opening bowler Asantha de Mel had taken 3 early wickets.
John Wright looked in good touch for New Zealand before being run out by Duleep Mendis for 31 and that seemed to be the turning point.
With the pitch still Normal and weather on the 2nd day Hot and Sunny, Sri Lanka have a good chance to build a decent lead.

Sri Lanka Vs New Zealand
New Zealand 1st Innings 128/10 All Out (Overs 69)

JG Wrightrun out LRD Mendis/HM Goonatilleke 31523840
BA Edgarc HM Goonatillekeb ALF de Mel0181200
JF Reid b ALF de Mel11574000
JFM Morrisonc LRD Mendisb LWS Kaluperuma20856700
MG Burgess*c HM Goonatillekeb ALF de Mel25837810
JV Coneylbwb LWS Kaluperuma9775810
WK Lees+ b JR Ratnayeke6231600
JG Bracewellnot out 16755510
EJ Chatfieldc JR Ratnayekeb LWS Kaluperuma391300
GB Troup b LWS Kaluperuma15500
SL Boocklbwb LWS Kaluperuma3283500
extras (b0 lb0 w1 nb2)3
TOTAL 10 wickets for128
1-7(BA Edgar) 2-39(JG Wright) 3-44(JF Reid) 4-79(JFM Morrison) 5-88(MG Burgess)
6-101(WK Lees) 7-109(JV Coney) 8-114(EJ Chatfield) 9-115(GB Troup) 10-128(SL Boock)
ALF de Mel192493
JR Ratnayeke187271
DS de Silva186290
GRA de Silva62110
LWS Kaluperuma83125

Sri Lankan offspinner Lalith Kaluperuma took 5-12 off 8 overs
Sri Lanka v New Zealand - 1st Test - at Sinhalese Sports Club, Colombo - 1980/1 - Sri Lanka 2nd Innings

After trailing by 44 on the 1st innings, the Sri Lankans batted better 2nd time round, eventually setting New Zealand a target of 241 to win.
Keeper Mahes Goonatilleke was unlucky to be left stranded in the 90s, not out on 92* after over 4 hours of resistance.
Left arm spinner Stephen Boock was the best of the visitors bowlers with 4-77 off 37 accurate overs.

Sri Lanka 2nd Innings 284/10 All Out (Overs 126)

S Wettimunyb SL Boock3315010720
B Warnapura*b GB Troup0161200
RL Diasb EJ Chatfield4271800
LRD Mendisb SL Boock44818350
RS Madugallest WK Leesb SL Boock30918700
DS de Silvab GB Troup14433701
HM Goonatilleke+not out9226323740
JR Ratnayekec JG Bracewellb EJ Chatfield251017900
ALF de Melb JG Bracewell13795720
LWS Kaluperumac WK Leesb JG Bracewell12343210
GRA de Silvac WK Leesb SL Boock1191700
extras(b3 lb3 w4 nb6)16
TOTAL10 wickets for284
1-4(B Warnapura) 2-19(RL Dias) 3-84(LRD Mendis) 4-90(S Wettimuny)
5-120(DS de Silva) 6-146(RS Madugalle) 7-206(JR Ratnayeke) 8-258(ALF de Mel)
9-279(LWS Kaluperuma) 10-284(GRA de Silva)
EJ Chatfield236542
GB Troup246632
JV Coney167210
SL Boock379774
JG Bracewell184422
MG Burgess51130
JFM Morrison3080

Stephen Boock took 4-77 off 37 overs
Sri Lanka v New Zealand - 1st Test - at Sinhalese Sports Club, Colombo - 1980/1 - New Zealand 2nd Innings

An excellent century to John Wright and an unbeaten 76* to stand in Number 3 John Reid carried New Zealand to a comfortable 8 wicket win.
The pair added 195 for the 2nd wicket to set up the win with Wright named Man of the Match.

New Zealand 2nd Innings 243/2 Closed (Overs 82.1)

JG Wrightc LRD Mendisb JR Ratnayeke121277246130
BA Edgarc RL Diasb JR Ratnayeke28705620
JF Reidnot out 7621918840
JFM Morrisonnot out 512710
MG Burgess*dnb
JV Coneydnb
WK Lees+dnb
JG Bracewelldnb
EJ Chatfielddnb
GB Troupdnb
SL Boockdnb
extras (b5 lb4 w3 nb1)13
TOTAL 2 wickets for243
1-37(BA Edgar) 2-232(JG Wright)
ALF de Mel19.13550
JR Ratnayeke217502
DS de Silva286740
GRA de Silva70240
LWS Kaluperuma71310

John Wright.jpg
New Zealand opener John Wright scored a century to set up the win
Sri Lanka v New Zealand - 1st Test - at Sinhalese Sports Club, Colombo - 1980/1 - Match Summary

Pitch: (pre 1988) - 66 - (7A,3,8A) - Nicely-prepared strip with the promise of an evenly-balanced contest between bat and ball.
Some early pace in the wicket may make winning the Toss a mixed blessing, but the wicket is certainly likely to favour the spinners on the final day.
Weather: 1,2,2,3
Toss: Sri Lanka
New Zealand won by 8 wickets
Man of the Match: J.G.Wright
New Zealand lead the 3 match Test series 1-0 with 2 to play

Sri Lanka 84 all out (R.S.Madugalle 37; G.B.Troup 4-32)
New Zealand 128 all out (J.G.Wright 31; Mel 3-49, L.W.S.Kaluperuma 5-12)
Sri Lanka 284 all out (S.Wettimuny 33, L.R.D.Mendis 44, R.S.Madugalle 30, H.M.Goonatilleke 92*; S.L.Boock 4-77)
New Zealand 243/2 (J.G.Wright 121, J.F.Reid 76*)

John Wright 3.jpg
John Wright was named Man of the Match
Sri Lanka v New Zealand - 2nd Test - at P.Saravanamuttu Stadium, Colombo - 1980/1 - Match Preview

New Zealand make some changes to their XI for the 2nd Test with the fit again Geoff Howarth and John Parker restored to the lineup.
John Reid is unlucky to miss out for the Kiwis after scoring an unbeaten 76* in the 1st Test with captain Howarth taking his place at Number 3.
New Zealand have left out offspinner John Bracewell and played the extra seamer in Lance Cairns in view of the Green Wicket with Cairns swing also valuable if the pitch flattens out.
Right arm fast medium bowler Martin Snedden makes his Test debut for New Zealand as he replaces Ewan Chatfield, Richard Hadlee missing out again as he recovers from a cracked rib.

Pitch: (pre 1988) - 81 - A combination of high moisture in the top surface, and a bone hard layer underneath, makes this a difficult pitch to read.
The pitch will probably help the seamers on the first day and thereafter play easily until it begins to wear late in the game when the spinners could find it very much to their liking.
Day 1 Starting Pitch: 6 - Green Wicket
Day 1 Weather: 3 - Sunny, some cloud about
Injuries: R.J.Hadlee (cracked rib - 1 match)

Sri Lanka:

B.Warnapura (c)
R.S.Madugalle Silva
H.M.Goonatilleke (wk)
J.R.Ratnayeke Mel
L.W.S.Kaluperuma Silva

New Zealand:

G.P.Howarth (c)
W.K.Lees (wk)

P.Saravanamuttu Stadium, Colombo, hosts the 2nd Test
Sri Lanka v New Zealand - 2nd Test - at P.Saravanamuttu Stadium, Colombo - 1980/1 - Sri Lanka 1st Innings

After losing the Toss and being sent in on a Green Wicket the Sri Lankans struggled to a 1st innings total of 214 all out.
New Zealand captain Geoff Howarth kept his seamers on for the entire innings, with left arm spinner Stephen Boock not bowling at all.
Left arm fast medium bowler Gary Troup continued his good form with 4 wickets while medium pacer Lance Cairns justified his inclusion ahead of a second spinner with 4-43.
Allrounder Somachandra de Silva was the home side's only real resistance with an unbeaten 78* in just over 4 hours.

Sri Lanka 1st Innings 214/10 All Out (Overs 87)

S Wettimuny b BL Cairns391147730
B Warnapura* b GB Troup410710
RL Diasc JM Parkerb GB Troup210800
LRD Mendisc JM Parkerb BL Cairns26745920
RS Madugalle b JV Coney3201400
DS de Silvanot out 7824919550
HM Goonatilleke+lbwb BL Cairns8383200
JR Ratnayeke b BL Cairns07300
ALF de Mel c&b JV Coney171127800
LWS Kaluperuma b GB Troup17603810
GRA de Silvalbwb GB Troup6241800
extras (b1 lb6 w3 nb4)14
TOTAL 10 wickets for214
1-7(B Warnapura) 2-11(RL Dias) 3-69(LRD Mendis) 4-76(S Wettimuny)
5-76(RS Madugalle) 6-89(HM Goonatilleke) 7-89(JR Ratnayeke) 8-148(ALF de Mel)
9-192(LWS Kaluperuma) 10-214(GRA de Silva)
GB Troup223704
MC Snedden213530
BL Cairns237434
JV Coney215412

Lance Cairns.jpg
Lance Cairns took 4-43 with his medium pace

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