PC Monthly Bingo Returns - January 2021


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Welcome to PlanetCricket’s Monthly Bingo Quiz - January 2021

How to play:

  1. Post in this thread that you want to play. NB - it is now free to join
  2. @asprin will provide you with a token (a code)
  3. Go to http://asprin.dx.am/bingo
  4. Login with the token
  5. Follow the instructions in the attached document to create your own Bingo Card and colour
  6. Feel free to ask if you're unsure of anything (well ask @asprin :p)
  7. Bingo scorecards have 25 randomly numbered squares on them Your goal is to cover 5 of those squares in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row. See image below

3. A player/s with 5 covered squares "shout" Bingo! and take the prize
4. A random number generator will be used to randomly draw numbers

  • Bingo cards will be randomly numbered between 1-50
  • Only 1 card can be purchased per member per month
  • Member can join in at anytime during the month.
  • I will try to post a new random number once a day, but may be multiple times a day or none at all
  • Post here if you have a complete line of numbers called out as explained above.
  • NB - whenever you sign into http://asprin.dx.am/bingo using your token, when viewing your Bingo Card, numbers already called will automatically be crossed out, therefore it will be obvious if you have 5 covered squares in a row
  • If more than one member shouts Bingo (i.e. has complete row of numbers) when a new number is posted, then the prizes on offer equally apply to all winners

  • NB - If I have posted multiple new numbers and next time I log in more than one member has complete row of numbers, the winner(s) will be determined by the earliest number that completed the row

I post numbers on same day in following order
  • 48
  • 34
  • 13
  • 4
3 members claim to have won

Member A winning number = 13
Member B winning number = 4
Member C winning number = 48

Member C wins as 48 was called first


Each month the winner(s) get to choose between following prizes

  • 5 million vCash
  • Custom user title
  • Bingo winner medal

The user title and Medal only last for a month (in reality to end of next month)
NB - if a member win 3 times they get to choose between a permanent custom user title or Medal

  • Bingo for the month ends on last day of month
  • I aim to start Bingo for new month on first day of month or as close as I can

If you want to play post here to claim your token to generate your Bingo Card (& colour) and good luck! (I will start posting numbers from next week) :cheers


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Till Valhalla

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Jun 5, 2011
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Papua New Guinea
This bingo is different that what I used to play in school but will like to give it a try seeing....

I see someone is selecting color too if there is color I would like Orange.

Princess Saffron

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Jul 10, 2018
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This was the style it was played in last time, the writing was too small to see even with my glasses :noway


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Sep 3, 2012
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This was the style it was played in last time, the writing was too small to see even with my glasses :noway
I guess you opened it on your phone. Let me see if I can fix the responsiveness.
Can I play on my phone?
Yep. But as Saffron pointed out the site is rendering in desktop mode only, which means the text would be small. I'll try to see if I can make it identify when visiting via mobile.
Post automatically merged:

I thought we could scratch/circle/underline it on the site but reading it now we need to edit the generated sheet.
Actually the called number will be auto-striked if present on your card.

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