Kumar Vishal Trophy PRESEASON - Warm-Up 3 - Surrey C.C.C. vs The Avengers @ The Oval


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Dec 22, 2015
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If our top order comes to form and shows their true potential we'll be one of the sides to beat, knowing we've got reliable players to come after them. Talha and Kuldip both played extremely well to take us to a good total with Donald Trump finishing it off with a great cameo from 8. Don't know why I played so slowly with a SR with 55, had I picked it up quicker the score might've been 320. I'll try to work on focusing on my power hitting in the nets, as batting at 7 requires that. Pleased with my bowling, hoping the captain will use me more often in the middle overs to contain the runs since it appears that's the best way to utilize my bowling.

Doesn't matter that we've lost this warmup, everyone knows we're saving our best for the tournament ;).

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