RSG editing tutorial [Edit fixture files of Cricket 07]

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A.R123 Max

I'm done (read retired) with patching, modding, and related stuff. So maybe I am not the right guy to answer you as I barely remember anything. :)
No problem mate. I just came to know now that you retired. So no problem. ;)[DOUBLEPOST=1424624997][/DOUBLEPOST]Anyways nice Avatar.

Faisal naved

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Jul 13, 2015
Quote:(The RSGs for various tournaments can be found from the 247th to the 271st rows of the fshlist)

sorry i didnt understand this quote.can anyone explain in brief which file to open in fshed describe location of file and please can u give step by step previews so that new comers can also understand like in other toturials they give images..i am new so please help me.....
Dude you have to download a software called "biggui" .
1. Open the biggui software
2. Go to file-> open file
3. Then a dialog box opens go to folder "data" which is in root directory.
4. Change the file type from "supported types" to "all types"
5. Then there will be a file "data.gob" open that file.
6. A list of files will be open then select all that files and export those files to a new folder where ever you want.
7. When all files will be exported then close biggui.
8. Open that folder where you have exported all files
9. Type .rsg in search and you will get all fixture files which are mentioned in this quote

Dude I have attached the biggui software


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Mar 12, 2016
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after editing the notepad text and then i import back to game and start game but nothing happen !


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Mar 12, 2016
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bro i want some help from u

i want to edit fixtures in bigbash t20
like where 3 3 teams in 2 pools
i edited rsg but teams will be showed just i cant select edited teams
and full tournment will automaticlly completed. Please help my this mistake?

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