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Sep 3, 2010
So I was looking for a place to show off some of my cooking and couldn't find anywhere, so I thought I'd open up a new thread for it. This isn't just about cooking of course - anything that you've done and feel proud of has a place here, and absolutely don't feel embarrassed about bigging yourself up a bit.


For example, this is the meal I cooked for my fiancée and parents tonight. It's a trio of casseroles with steamed veg in garlic butter.


The left-hand dish is a potato and bacon casserole, the middle one is a smoked cheese and tomato pasta bake and the right-hand one is a salmon and roast tomato casserole. As with all my cooking, I used an approach best described as "no recipe, just vibes" (not that I couldn't share a recipe for others to make these - but I don't follow one)
Sadly, my cat Henry died early in the summer. He had an incredible life, but it was his time.

Since then we have grieved for him, and my fiancée and I have a new cat. Meet Ripple!

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Sorry to hear about Henry.

Ms Ripple looks pretty stern! Its as if she be planning to take over the world!

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