PS3: South African Promotion League Pro20 Season 4

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Jun 21, 2012
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South African Promotion League Pro20 Tournament

The 4th Season of the highly successfull South African Pro20 League has arrived. The participants has been split into two groups as usual , each fighting it out for top honours :


The competition will be a Pro20 format.

Points System
4 points for a win/bye
6 Points for a game won by forfeit
3 points for a draw/No Result
0 points for a loss

Bonus Points
Take 10 wickets +1 bonus points
Score 100+ runs +1 bonus point
Score 130+ runs +2 bonus points
Chase Score with 5 wickets down +1 bonus point
Chase Score with 3 wickets down +2 bonus point

1. General Match Conditions

General T20 rules , except the following differences :
  • Bar reviews: 2 per Innings , (please edit the default 1)
  • 2 Bouncers per over (default is 1) . These are the one`s called by the umpire as such.
  • 4 fielders outside the circle after the Powerplay , (default is 5)
  • A Maximum of 5 fielders allowed on either side of the wicket at any time when bowling
2.No "Normalise Skills" allowed , (meaning don`t check it in the match creation screen)

3.Never accept the Forfeit request sent automatically in game , we play our games in full. This is sent automatically by the game once 30 seconds time limit per over is up for setting your field.

4.Any Custom team composition are allowed , with the only guidelines being the following :
  • Top Order Batsmen Star rating not higher than 4
  • Middle Order Batsmen Star rating not higher than 3
  • ** Please note the above two can be interchanged ie Top Order 3 , Middle Order 4
  • Lower Order Batsmen Star Rating not higher than 2
  • Fast Bowling Star Rating not higher than 4
  • Spin Bowling Star Rating not higher than 3
  • Overall Team Shield Rating not higher than 3
To achieve the above requirements , please go and edit your team that will be participating in the league in the Academy until it fits the specs. This is done on an individual basis whereby lowering or upping the Skills and Attributes of a Fast Bowler will change the " Fast Bowling Star rating" of the team , and also indirectly the overall Shield Rating . The rule of thumb will be once you have your team set up as above , the Team Shield rating will never be higher than 3. To check the effects of all your alterations , Save the team and then create a Quick match against the Computer , on the pre match screen you will see the Star ratings.

If any of the Star ratings are still over the limits set , then go back and repeat the exercise on the individuals that you know is still rated too high, until the shield rating falls inside the above limits.

5. Home team will create the match using the custom match option with the Custom Pro20 match type at Veteran difficulty , and can choose any conditions including the venue they want, there is no requirement to select the random conditions but this option can be selected if the home team prefers. (Just remember to edit and save a Custom Pro20 Match type in the Academy beforehand)

6. If any glitches/bugs are encountered , we will have to live with it , as cricket was never intended as a perfect game. However if a match is very laggy and glitchy and both teams agree to restart then that is between the two team managers. The restart must take place before the game is complete.

7.Slow ball bouncers by medium pacers are allowed , except when a soft pitch is selected. (These deliveries will almost bounce twice on the way to the wickets on a soft wicket - If encountered, contact opponent through Whatsapp and notify him to stop bowling the ball . If he continuous to bowl it in the match , please notify me and I will decide on the way forward.

8.Usual power play fielding restrictions apply for first 6 overs (Only 2 fielders outside the circle) , and then a maximum of 4 fielders outside the ring after the power play overs.(T20 Default is 5) Please remember to go and edit your default T20 settings , I normally save the custom Match Types with the Competitions Name to distinguish them from the default ones. A new rule has been brought in , where you are not allowed to have more that 5 fielders on either side of the wicket. Because of this ruling , the position right in the middle of the Side Screen is also outlawed , as it is in anycase not allowed in real cricket.

9.There is no other restrictions on how a field can be set other than this , so no one should complain about unorthodox field settings. Please go and create your own custom fields in the academy , to also speed up the constant re-setting of your field placements after bowling changes. You can use the Square button after changing a field , to make it carry over to all Batsmen and bowlers

10.Upon Match Completion , please take a Screenshot (with your Phone) of the Scorecard and Post it in the Whatsapp group , as I need it for the Logs and Bonus Point Calculations . I will ask that the winning manager do this , meaning if I don`t receive his winning scorecard , I will handle the match as a No-Result and share points. I have allowed for 1 week for the Managers to complete their 2 matches as per the fixture list. Meaning each Friday the new round will start. All scorecards needs to be received by me before the new round starts .

11. No advance matches with other managers will be allowed to be posted on the Whatsapp group , meaning I will only accept the "official" scheduled matches scorecards per week. This however does not mean that you cannot play your future scheduled match earlier , I will just not accept the scorecard until the appropriate time. So DON`T send me the Future Round`s scorecards earlier , I will just bin it. DO send them in at the right time. I will not keep it somewhere and wait for the right time to process it. I get confused easily , and this is the only way for me to try and keep up with the league. Please bear in mind we are playing alot of matches per week , so I don`t want to be flooded with random scorecards that doesnt match the weeks "official" matches.

12. If no connection between two players can be established after various try outs in the allotted week , points will be shared , hence a No-Result will be recorded. Both players need to notify me of this.

13. In the event that one of the parties cannot fulfill their fixture with the opposition , the available Party will be awarded 6 points. It is the responsibility of the Available manager , to inform and explain to me of the oppositions NO-Show in the alloted Week. I will use the 3 x strikes method , ie when an opponent has cancelled a match within the last 1,5 hours before scheduled start for 3 x times , this is enough justification to award the match to the available party. I will try and use discretion doing this , but my judgement will be final. If no notification is received in the allotted week , a No result will be awarded to both sides , resulting in shared points.

14. There will be the following restrictions imposed on the actual bowlers used to bowl the 20 Overs .

Option A

· Fast / Fast Medium / Medium Bowlers : Maximum of 14 Overs

· Spin Bowlers : Minimum of 6 Overs

Option B

· Spin Bowlers : Maximum of 14 Overs

· Fast / Fast Medium / Medium Bowlers : Minimum of 6 Overs

Please note that an equal split of 3 Overs each of the above Groupings will need to be bowled in the Power Play up front . ie 3 Overs Pace / 3 Overs Spin

If the above Quota`s are not followed , the guilty party loses 2 League points , regardless of the outcome of the match . It is up to the opposing player to resolve this with the guilty party or report this if he is still refusing to bowl the correct bowlers . I suggest that a message through Whatsapp to the Bowling player to remind him of the requirement should help , as soon as the 1st unlawfull ball is bowled. If he agrees , he will then change his bowling the next over and bowl one over of Spin/Pace extra overall to make up for the lost over. This will mean he will end up with a 13/7 Split eitherway , depending on which type bowler he "Over Bowled" in the Power play

If a side is bowled out before the 15th Over , none of the above restrictions will apply , because the player could have still then bowled his above quota if he was allowed to , except for the upfront Power play requirements (50/50)

The above is intended to try and get more balanced sides , and to try and get everyone`s all round abilities tested .

All players should send their Teamsheet to Qoos before the League starts , with the Actuall roles of the Players as well , so that this can easily be checked when submitting the detailed scoresheets.

Managers participating in the Promotion League :
  1. Johan...................PSN ID : JohanBrits
  2. Niff......................PSN ID : dockels
  3. Quintus................PSN ID : qooslunchbox
  4. Larnes..................PSN ID : lars08
  5. Devan..................PSN ID : devanjoker
  6. Naas....................PSN ID : Bloubulle101
  7. Darron..................PSN ID : Darron2215

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Acid Burn

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Jun 21, 2012
Pietermaritzburg ,South Africa
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Fixtures and Results List :
Promotion League Fixtures.jpg

Only the Top 2 will go through to a One match Final .

In the case of a tied position in the final top 2 , the total runs made by the managers against each other will be used as the final measurement to determine a winner . ie in the Two matches manager A scored 125 & 88 = 213 against his equally placed opponent , and the opponent scored 119 and 105 = 224 , meaning the 224 trumps the 213 . If Still equal , the total wickets lost in these matches will be counted and least lost will win.

After the League Phase the Finals will be played as follows :

  • Position 1(H) vs Position 2(A)

In case of a Tie , winner will be determined by way of a Super Over , (please remember to check this option when creating the match)
Promotion League Log.jpg

** The Winner of the Final of the Promotion League will automatically be Promoted to the Premier League
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