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Some big new announcements for me to make today, I'm very happy to announce a few changes to the PlanetCricket staff team.

Firstly, welcome @Life Warrior to the Staff team. As well as being on the FC team, they'd been helping out as a Cricket 07 forum moderator and will now make the jump up to moderating the full forum.

Second, I get to welcome FC and Sportsbook member @Ashutosh. to the staff team! An all round contributor to the forum, it was time to make the next step up here.

And finally, I'm very happy to announce @asprin as joining the Admin team. Asprin will be a huge help for us in the tech side of running the site in adding some new features once we make the XenForo 2 jump, and he's always been a great contributor to the mod team.

Congratulations to everyone to their new roles!


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Well done to @Ashutosh. :cheers

and @Life Warrior what a journey it has been, with a great final outcome :yes

and as for @asprin whose bright idea was that? :facepalm
Cannot slag you off continually in Admin forum anymore :noway
Oh alright then, congrats to you too :p

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