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Rohit Doshi

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Jun 30, 2010
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Well well well!! I know some of you will say this thread was bound to come and all that.. but lets have some serious discussion.

Team|Played Overseas|Won|Lost|Drawn|W/L Ratio|HS|LS
New Zealand|22|5|12|5|0.41|593|114
South Africa|28|13|8|7|1.32|588|121
Sri Lanka|29|8|13|8|0.61|760|82
West Indies|33|2|20|11|0.11|591|113

Australia - Well Australia were true world champions are one stage and dominated the game completely. Few retirements, controversies and few players injuries have held Australia down. From Brett Lee to Andrew Symonds, Shane Warne to Adam Gilchrist, Australia have lost many greats. Although stats say Australia have done good overseas but they have underplayed some times. They have not won a single series in this time against India at India, they lost twice the Ashes back in England, they drew with South Africans in recently concluded series. They have other wise dominated the weaker side like Bangladesh and West Indies.

England - Well the current World No 1 test rank holder England have had an era of great players. They previously focused just on regaining or holding back the Ashes :rolleyes. Since they realized and did well consistently over a period of time at home and away in test, they started prioritizing Tests. One good series away in Australia which helped them win the Ashes saw England turning into World Beaters. Then came Sri Lanka and India at home and they thrashed India badly. But there is a BIGG QUESTION mark over England's overseas performance specially in Sub Continent. They have lost to Pakistan 2-0 in ongoing series, have not won a single series in India since last 20 odd years and will be proved and tested in Sri Lanka in some time. The only win in SC they have got is against Bangladesh.

India - Poor is what I want to say when it comes to OVERSEAS. Having lost only 4 test matches at home since 2005, they are unbeatable like others at home. India have not lost a home series since 2008 but their overseas performance is a big question mark. They have lost 0-8 in two back to back overseas series and have not done well in West Indies too, winning only 1 out of 3 games against an easy opponent.

Pakistan - Match fixing, scandals, controversies but this team has risen every now and then and have seriously compete well against all teams. They have done some brilliant job playing overseas but its always one session or max two which has lost Pakistan games. Poor fielding and wicket keeping to mention too. They had matches in hand in Australia but Kamran's hand was better :rolleyes. Match Fixing in England, other wise Aamir, Salman, Asif would have been great asset to ongoing Pakistan team.

New Zealand - Not played much cricket home or away but still have poor record. Inconsistent team members and big players not living upto expectation is the biggest cause.

South Africa - The true Number 1 IMHO amongst all teams but have been true CHOKERs too. :p Yes, match winning spell of Steyn in India to Hashim Amla's inning in 2nd inning, they have tried but have choked at some moment. They have resources and players to win them overseas and I see a bright future ahead.

Sri Lanka - The TWO M's is what comes to mind. Sri Lanka have not been paid, two M's retireing, Vaas retiring, Jayasuria all greats retiring at almost same time have left Lanka in tatters. Poor technique to swinging deliveries like Indians is the main reason of Sri Lanka's failure overseas. They have in them to draw matches but that WANT to win matches is just not present.

West Indies - Well less said is better. Really awful team with all politics and players just playing for money. Even Bangladesh has a better win loss ration then West Indies since 2005.

Seeing all the stats and seeing their performances overseas, I feel South Africa has an edge over others. Australia yes were champions are playing like one but still have that cracks on them which could be exposed. Indians are truly champions at home and so are England.

What I am looking forward to is..

England VS South Africa @ England
England VS India @ India
England VS Sri Lanka @ Sri Lanka
South Africa VS India @ India

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