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Till Valhalla

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Jun 5, 2011
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Papua New Guinea
TPCL Planning and strategizing.
Owners of the team @WutUpMahGlipGlops @Na Maloom Afraad @RUDI and @Till Valhalla are out in the conference room, ready to show you a glimpse of preparation for the coming season.
@WutUpMahGlipGlops - Morty bring the pro BLARGH! bring the projector, Ugh IIIIIIIIII was collecting the resources we need to utilize during the season.

WUMGG - Multiple size bags are being prepared for use.

Rudi - I have been collecting information on the people who will require this.​
List of umpires contracted for TPCL 3.0​
TV - NMA, Rudi will forward you the list for our back up plan and the data we need for it to be in place.
NMA - I will take care of it.​
Name of PersonnelFamily membersAddressAssetsWeakness

That's all for today folks.

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