The older generation that got you into cricket...share your own story


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Jun 9, 2019
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I can't point to one person that got me into cricket. It was just a family thing, everyone I grew up with either watched or played cricket. I picked it up from them.

If you want to talk about the reason I really started liking cricket, that would be Cricket 97, that was one of a few games that I owned and my dad bought it for me. I played that game up until I broke the disk in 2000-01. That's when my dad got me Cricket 2000, but at that point I had lost my love of cricket namely due to the Cricket 99 world cup final.

I only got back into cricket in around 2014-2015, and i think that was due only to Don Bradmans cricket game


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Apr 5, 2009
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MY first cricket game was Cricket 2000. Loved Gower and Benaud. But once I realised that you can pick a spinner and let the ball basically bounce and roll onto the stumps, it became so easy.

Fun fact: Cricket 2000's music could actually be played on a CD player if you put it into one.

EDIT: It was Cricket 2000. Not 99.


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Apr 4, 2017
My father took me to a Test Match in the West Indies, but it was my grandfather who would watch cricket on a Sunday on TV and he would stare at it for hours and hours and that got me interested but going to the West indies to live got me addicted as a boy.

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