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Aug 17, 2005
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In anticipation of an editor and for those who can hex edit player bats already,

here is a list of bats used by top teams.. (gathered from Cricket2005 forum)


Inzimam Ul Haq: CA Plus 10,000 (Yellow grip)
Asim Kamal: BDM Dynamic Power Super (Yellow grip)
Younis Khan: BDM Dynamic Power Super (Black grip)
Yousuf Youhana: CA Plus (Yellow grip)
Shahid Afridi: Malik MB Sher (Black grip)
Shoaib Malik: Malik MB Zulfi (Green grip)
Shoaib Akhtar: Custom 2000 ? (Yellow Grip)
Mohammad Sami: Malik MB Sarfi (Black Grip)
Umar Gul: ?
Abdul Razzaq: AS G200 (Black grip)
Taufeeq Umar: SS Smasher API-G (Yellow grip)
Salman Butt: SS Smasher API-G (Yellow grip)
Naved ul Hasan: Slazenger V900 supreme (Black grip)
Danish Kaneria: ?
Imran Farhat: AS G200 (Blue grip)
Yasir Hameed: Ihsan Emperor (Orange grip)
Kamran Akmal: Slazenger V800 (Black grip)
Arshad Khan: ?
Bazid Khan: Malik MB Sarfi (Black Grip)
Iftikhar Anjum: ?


M.Trescothick: GM Maxi (Yellow grip)/GM Hero (Orange grip)
A.Strauss: Gray Nicolls Power Bow (Yellow grip)
M.Vaughan: GM Purist (Maroon grip)/GM Hero (Orange grip)
I.Bell: Slazenger SXi (Black grip)
K.Pietersen: Woodworm Premier Torch (Yellow Grip)
A.Flintoff: Woodworm Premier Wand (Navy/Red Grip)
G.Jones: Puma Classic 6000 (Orange/Grey Grip)
A.Giles: Hunts County Insignia (Orange grip)
M.Hoggard: Chase/Masuri 175 LE (Maroon grip)
S.Harmison: GM Maxi (Yellow grip)
S.Jones: Puma Classic 6000 (Orange/Grey Grip)
P.Collingwood: Slazenger V600 (Maroon grip)
V.Solanki: Duncan Fearnley Gold Test (Black Grip)
R.Key: Gray Nicolls Power Bow (Yellow grip)
C.Read: Kookaburra Absolute Belta (Yellow Grip)
M.Prior: Slazenger V200 (Yellow Grip)
C.Tremlett: ?
J.Anderson: Woodworm Premier Wand (Black Grip)
D.Gough: Duncan Fearnley Batwing Test (Red Grip)
J.Lewis: ?
A.Wharf: ?


J.Langer: Kookaburra Ultimate Belta (White Grip)
M.Hayden: Gray Nicolls Phoenix 380 (Red Grip)
R.Ponting: Kookaburra Kahuna (White Grip)
D.Martyn: Kookaburra Diablo (Orange Grip)
M.Clarke: Slazenger V900 Pro (White Grip)
S.Katich: Gray Nicollls Predator LE (Grey Grip)
A.Gilchrist: Puma Classic 6000 (Orange/Grey Grip)
S.Warne: County Warne World Record (White Grip)
J.Gillespie: Sommers XXX Factor (White Grip)
B.Lee: Kookaburra Beast (Red Grip)
G.McGrath: Sommers XXX Factor (White Grip)
N.Bracken: ?
B.Hogg: Gray Nicolls Matrix (Yellow Grip)
B.Haddin: Kookaburra Kahuna
B.Hodge: Kookaburra Beast (Red Grip)
M.Hussey: Kookaburra Beast (Yellow Grip)
M.Kasprowicz: SS Smasher API-G (Black Grip)
S.MacGill: Bradbury Sterling - Gold (Yellow Grip)
A.Symonds: Gray Nicollls Predator LE (Grey Grip)
S.Tait: Hunts County Insignia (Black Grip)
S.Watson: Puma Classic 6000 (Orange/Grey Grip)
C.White: County Warne World Record


S.Ganguly: Hero Honda Ton (Yellow Grip)
R.Dravid: Britannia (Red Grip)
V.Sehwag: Britannia Ton (Red Grip)
S.Tendulkar: MRF Genius (Red Grip)
A.Kumble: Stanford Stanlite (Yellow Grip)
Harbhajan Singh: BAS Vampire ?
V.Laxman: SS Ton Elite (Yellow Grip)
Z.Khan: BAS Vampire (Yellow grip)
A.Nehra: SS ?
D.Mongia: ?
P.Patel: SG Sunny Tonny (Red Grip)
S.Bangar: SG ?
Yuvraj Singh: Hero Honda (Red Grip)
M.Kaif: Britannia (Yellow Grip)
M.Kartik: RNS Larsons Gold Star Supreme (Maroon Grip)
I.Pathan: RNS Larsons Gold Star Supreme (Maroon Grip)
D.Karthik: Britannia (Yellow Grip)
G.Gambhir: SG Century (Black Grip)
M.Dhoni: BAS Ultimate. Stickers: Reebok (front & rear) (Orange Grip)
L.Balaji: ?


G.Smith: GM Hero (Yellow Grip)
A.B.De Villiers: Kookaburra Diablo (Yellow Grip)
C.Langeveldt: ?
L.Klusener: Gray Nicolls Gladius (Orange Grip)
B.Dippenaar: GM Purist (Yellow Grip)
H.Gibbs: GM Maestro (Blue Grip)
A.Hall: Gray Nicolls Gladius (Orange Grip)
J.Kallis: Slazenger V1200 (Yellow Grip)
J.Kemp: Kookaburra Diablo (Orange Grip)
A.Morkel: BAS ? (Yellow Grip)
D.Steyn: GM ?
A.Nel: GM Maxi (Yellow Grip)
M.Ntini: Hunts County Insignia
R.Peterson: Kookaburra Kahuna (Green Grip)
S.Pollock: Slazenger V600 (Dark Red Grip)
J.Rudolph: Gray Nicolls Gladius (Orange Grip)
N.Boje: Bellingham & Smith Fireblade (Yellow Grip)
A.Prince: Newberry Merlin (Blue Grip)
A.Bacher: GM Maestro (Blue Grip)
H.Amla: Kookaburra Kahuna (Green Grip)
P.Adams: Slazenger ?
N.McKenzie: GM Purist (Maroon Grip)
M.van Jaarsveld: Gray Nicolls Gladius (Orange Grip)
M.Zondeki: Kookaburra Kahuna (Green Grip)
D.Pretorius: Kookaburra Ultimate Belta (Blue Grip)
M.van Wyk: Gray Nicolls Gladius (Orange Grip)


B.Lara: MRF Wizard (Yellow Grip)
D.Smith: Puma ? (Red Grip)
S.Chanderpaul: Gray Nicolls Power Bow (Yellow Grip)
W.Hinds: SS Smasher API-G (White Grip)
C.Gayle: Gray Nicolls Power Bow (Yellow Grip)
R.Sarwan: Gray Nicolls Power Bow (Yellow Grip)
D.Pagon: Plain Bat (Red Grip)
I.Bradshaw: ?
S.Joseph: Gray Nicolls Power Bow (Yellow Grip)
C.Collymore: Plain bat (Blue Grip)
M.Dillon: SS Smasher API-G (Yellow Grip)
P.Collins: SS Smasher API-G (Yellow Grip)
D.Bravo: Plain Bat (Yellow Grip)
T.Best: SS Smasher API-G (Yellow Grip)
R.Powell: SS Smasher API-G (Yellow Grip)
M.Samuels: Plain Bat (Red Grip)
R.King: SS Smasher API-G (Yellow Grip)
C.Baugh: SS Smasher API-G (Yellow Grip)
N.McLean: Gray Nicolls ?
F.Edwards: SS Smasher API-G (Yellow Grip)
C.Browne: Gray Nicolls Power Bow (Yellow Grip)
D.Ramdin: Ihsan Crown (White Grip)
R.Morton: KG ? (White Grip)
N.Deonarine: BDM Dynamic Power Super (Red Grip)
R.Ramdass: Plain bat (Grey Grip)
D.Powell: Peak Sports 'The OZ' (Red Grip)
J.Lawson: Plain Bat (Red Grip)
O.Banks: SS Smasher API-G (Yellow Grip)


N.Astle: Kookaburra Kahuna
S.Bond: County ?
I.Butler: SS Smasher API-G (Yellow Grip)
C.Cairns: Gray-Nicolls Longbow ?
C.Cumming: Slazenger V800 (Black Grip)
S.Fleming: GM Purist (Maroon Grip)
J.Franklin: Duncan Fearnley Batwing (Blue Grip)
C.Harris: Kookaburra Belta ?
B.McCullum: GM Maestro (Blue Grip)
C.McMillan: SS Smasher API-G (Yellow Grip)
H.Marshall: Kookaburra Beast (White Grip)
J.Marshall: Kookaburra Beast (White Grip)
C.Martin: SS Smasher API-G (Yellow Grip)
K.Mills: ?
J.Oram: Gray-Nicolls Longbow (Grey Grip)
M.Papps: ?
M.Sinclair: Slazenger V800 ?
S.Styris: Kookaburra Diablo (Orange Grip)
D.Tuffey: BDM Dynamic Power Super
D.Vettori: Gray-Nicolls Matrix (Red Grip)
L.Vincent: Gray-Nicolls Predator (Grey Grip)
P.Wiseman: Puma ?


S.Jayasuriya: Kookaburra Diablo (Red Grip)
N.Zoysa: ?
M.Atapattu: CA Pro 2000 (Orange Grip)
M.Jayawardene: BAS Vampire (Orange Grip)
C.Vaas: Plain bat (Maroon Grip)
M.Muralitharan: Woodworm Premier Wand (Black Grip)
K.Sangakkara: Kookaburra Beast (Yellow Grip)
T.Dilshan: BDM Dynamic Power Super (Yellow Grip)
T.Samaraweera: AS G200 LE (Yellow Grip)
K.Lokuarachchi: BDM Dynamic Power Super (Black Grip)
D.Fernando: AS G200 LE (Blue Grip)
L.Malinga: ?
R.Herath: ?
F.Maharoof: Woodworm Premier Wand (Black Grip)
U.Chandana: BAS Reebok ?
T.Kandamby: ?
P.Jayawardene: ?
S.Jayantha: Plain bat
R.Arnold: Woodworm Premier Wand (Black Grip)
A.Gunawardene: Plain bat (Red Grip)
D.Lokuhettige: ?

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Hmm... where have I seen this before? If people could contribute to the list rather than just repeating it, that would be more helpful.

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Just to let you know...

Paul Collingwood uses a Slazenger SE
Van Jaarsveld uses a County likes Warne and NTini (its not a Hunts county)

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