Best score after 25 overs - in a 50 over match and how you got them


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Jul 22, 2002
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[color=#000000:post_uid14]Hi guys!
As you must have seen, sometimes strategies do work pretty well while batting. I tried balsting the bowling from one end and saving the wickets at the other - It worked! I had to crash off so i saved the game at a healthy 329/4 after 25 overs.
But there was one problem - the field restrictions are not adhered to by the comp. It sets a defensive field with 4 or 5 fielders outside the 30 yard circle as soon as it realises you're going after the bowling, irrespective of whether 15 overs have been bowled. As a result, you really have to work harder to find the gaps, and even then the runrate cannot be maintained at 10+. If someone has a way out, do post it here.
Bye :D[/color]

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