Franchises (Membership feature only)


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Dec 16, 2003
Ever wanted to try starting from scratch? Ever thought you could do it better a second time around? Starting from midway through next season, members will have the option to start a franchise to try just that.
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A franchise will be another team that is directly linked to your main team but runs independently. The franchise will have it's own set of players, income, members, nets, etc and effectively run as a separate team. You will not be allowed to trade between the two teams, they must run totally independently.

This option to create a franchise will be available to all members midway through the new season. A link will be available under the Pavilion to create the franchise. Non-members will not get this option, including during the free period of trial membership. If the franchise goes bankrupt, it will close and you will not be allowed to start a new franchise until the following season. If the main team goes bankrupt, the franchise will be lost as well.

There are a few additional rules for franchises:

It must be in another country from the main team
It will not convey any voting privileges in that country for elections
The main team will not be allowed to emigrate to that country
The main team must maintain membership to keep the franchise. If membership runs out and is not resumed within 4 weeks, the franchise will be lost.

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Good feature which will give more of a reason to get membership (for me to keep it). Probably will use my one to train up a u19.


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Aug 9, 2004
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