How Planet Cricket helped me ?


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Oct 5, 2008
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A little too late, but congratulations @Manish.

I had used PlanetCricket example to crack my Amazon Development Center Interviews in 2014 as well.

PC did help me in understand the culture across the world with whom we would be only in touch through mails, IMs, and sometimes on calls, and that makes me have upper hand when dealing with peers from other countries, when compared to my other local peers who struggle to strike that bond online.

The best rule of PC is no Shortforms / Text to speech- as a teenager, I always insisted on typing full spelling instead of "cul lukin" things, which helped me improve my typing speed and my writing skills. I help my local peers in writing as well.

Apart from professional life, it was PC that made me understand at a very young age that people at Pakistan are actually good and kind, which is not the general perception in our country until one reaches the age of 25/26, because of the people around (which is sad).

In short, the life at PC and IRFCA (one more forum where I'm active) has helped me understand life in a different perspective- thanks to the innumerable friendships I have made through this forum, and a few of them are so strong that we meet up occasionally.


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Oct 13, 2012
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Met so many good friends on here, many that I have met IRL in India - on my most favourite ever holiday, from Delhi all through the North - and I can't wait to get over when this is all sorted and catch up with some of you again.

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Sep 12, 2020
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Amazing bro really Planet Cricket has helped a lot of members here. Planet Cricket has helped and changed me a lot. When i wasnt here i never interacted with others a lot so i was a shy boy. When i joined this website i saw many funny people around here and i made many good friends also. Planet Cricket has increased my confidence a lot now i interact with everyone here and i'm not a shy boy anyomre. I joined this website to download kits for cricket 07 and i never knew it will change me a lot. And congrats @Manish. bro

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