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What i am best at?

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Masood's Request:-
Really Superb mate ....thank you very much .....:hpraise
Nice graphics. Can you make a Toronto FC sig for me?
Nice graphics. Can you make a Toronto FC sig for me?

Oh,sure it will be nice if you send me some pictures as i don't know about Toronto FC.

King Of Pop added 15 Minutes and 34 Seconds later...

Entry 2 : King of Pop


Average Points :- 7+8+5.5+6.5+6+6.5/6 = 6.58

KBC : Nice idea, but the execution just went out of the track. Improper blending, use of put-and-use massive textures just makes it not so nice. A lot of work could go into it, textures isn't an excuse but just using those kind of textures doesn't put out the graphical abilities. Some lighting could make it attractive. More could've been proven. Still, on that note, it looks good, but just a little observation might have made this better on the adjustments. I like it though, good effort.

Feelin Blue? : I like the colours although it may be a little light and to many bumps and rips. Text is decent, a little high for my liking. Great blending and top effort overall though.

Neo : would have been wonderful if Topaz wasnt used on killed the wallpaper....over use of texture...extremely complexed backround..cant see much of the render effects...text looks pretty simple but looks fine though...Render should have been more visible and linked with the lightning source aswell...overall decent effort tbh...

Fatal Shot : I really like the BG, and the effects, but the render doesn't stand out like it should. Also the render looks quite choppy. Text isn't the best either.

KX : The background looks good. The render effects are good too. Blending is done but its done too much. the text might have looked better if it was some other colour and not on the black box.

Shravi : Really like this wallpaper. Excellent background and the artists has shown good effort in trying to blend the render into the background, even though he wasn?t completely successful. The render effects let this wallpaper down as it isn?t consistent throughout. Anderson?s face is a completely different tone and color when compared with the rest of his body. Also, his face is submerged a little too much into the background. The text placement could have been better as could the font, though I like the font color.
Sachin Tendulkar Signature[Adityacricketer's Request]
Sachin signature look's awesome.Text is also really good overall great work.:clap
Hey mate which font is used for james anderson wallpaper
How did he get banned?

Due to illegal stuffs man.
Btw here is your request.
Recent Request :


Entry 4 : [King Of Pop]


Total Points:-3.5+6.5+4.5+6.5+7+7=35

Whitehornmatt :

Comments : Seems like the generic gold template in use here, no real imagination and a poor execution compared with others along that line. The image is over sharpened and is stretched in parts.

Shravi :

The left side of the background looks absolutely brilliant, as does the text. Those are the two things that save this signature, seeing as the right side just isn't very good. It's too bright and you can't really see the render.

Neo :

Comments : the sig is over sharpened....render is a bit stretched....effects are good...texture used are nice...text is nice....render is fine....overall a decent effort..a few more touches and it would have been awesome....great stuff...

Feelin Blue? :

Comments: The background is really good, and I like the text but the render is too bright and unclear.

Fatal Shot :

Comments: What he did to the render looks really bad. Text is also not good.

Karachi Xpress :

Comments : Nice bg. The duplicate render in the bg looks good. Nice text, but the render effects are overdone and it is a bit stretched as well. Nonetheless a nice attempt at it.

Thanks for the sig. It looks great.
Andrew Roy Symonds Sig
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