My dear macha, Binny!


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Feb 18, 2009
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The general public may have known you as Prithvi, but I've known you for a very long time as Binnu/Binny. We used to do a lot of silly things on the internet when we were younger. The times are still vivid in my mind. Making fresh Cricket modifications, discussing graphics in great detail, and launching our own community forum with a grand total of five other people. :P We as admins, along with maybe one or two more users only. Talking about Kim K. and other things about her including your undying love for her. Unfortunately, I can't give you too many specifics right now. Haha. The fact is, I had a fantastic time with you, pal. I must confess that I spend far more time interacting with people online than I do in real life. I have also used various types of social networking to stay in touch with certain people who were important parts of my life on the PC back when I was young. To everyone—Gary, Ankur, Meghraj, Ahad, and the rest of you—I say this: In all likelihood, you are the only person I know who is so passionate about trains, and I can confidently state that I have learned all I know about railways from you.

From what I've seen on the internet (and specifically Orkut, Facebook, and Instagram), I could write volumes on the two of us. A little part of me gets a wonderfully nice and fuzzy feeling of nostalgia when I think about this, but the greater part of me is upset and sad that I will never get to meet you in person and give you a warm hug, brother. No, I don't think there's an afterlife where we'll meet, and that's because I don't believe in superstition or the supernatural. But if at all there is, you will be the first person I'll meet.

May you finally find peace, my dear friend, my dear brother, my dear mate.

In the event that your cousin is still using this forum, I would like to pass my deepest condolences to him.

To MODS, Not sure whether I am permitted to create a thread on this subject. Please close it if it is wrong. Cheers.
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It hurts, even more, to go back over our old chats. We were so dumb for our age, these chats were 12 years ago.


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Suggesting a moderator transfer the posts from the Random Thoughts thread into this one . I think its a fitting thread for us to celebrate our engagements with Prithvi. Just think that having our posts on a celebrated member like him on a mega thread like Random Thoughts may get loss in all the shuffle.

@Monzi heartfelt post dude, sorry for your loss, indeed a loss to the community, Prithvi as I said one of the few genuine guys I’ve engaged with on the forum.

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