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Jan 12, 2006
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A change has been made to how moderation at PlanetCricket will operate, with all staff members being given powers to moderate in all forums of the site.

The main reason for this is to better utilise the resources of our staff in responding to problem posts or member requests.

However, users should understand that it isn't possible for staff to be across the whole forum. The mod powers across the site are considered supplementary to specific roles in certain sections of the site - we have staff active in Cricket Chat who just couldn't answer your questions about an issue in the Cricket Leagues section.

As such, users should make correct usage of the post report function instead of PMing individual moderators, should use the Contact a Mod forum for general questions you don't want to post publicly or for issues with other members, or failing those two, contact a member of staff that is listed in the 'Moderators' box on each forum's index.

In short, just make sure if you're contacting a staff member, that they are likely to know the answer to your question because they are active in that section of the site.

If you have any questions about these changes - post here.

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