Things you might know and things you probably didn't know in 2023 about Brian Lara Cricket 99 for the PS1.


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Oct 2, 2015
As some might already know, I discovered through hex-editing how to have 90 overs per day instead of 75 overs in unlimited-over matches in BLC99 for the PS1 which I talked about elsewhere on this site, and how to change the stats of the players in BLC99 PS1 to their correct stats at the time of their retirement. At the moment I have only finished recreating the stats of the England squad as it is hard work. I have attached screenshots of the original stats of Nasser Hussain in 1998 and then the stats of Nasser Hussain at the time he retired, plus the original 1998 test batting stats and then the later test batting stats in the England test team at the time they all retired, as proof.

There appears to be a few inaccuracies, however, with the original player stats in the game in general. Look at a player like Rudi Bryson, for example, who played for South Africa only in ODIs and only in 1997. Not only does the game say that he has test stats even though he never played tests at all, it says that his best one day bowling figures were 3 for 18 when in reality they were 2 for 34 at the time the game was manufactured, and that his one day bowling average was 37 when in reality it was 46 at the time the game was manufactured. Remember BLC99 came out in 1998 and Bryson did not play again after 1997. His ODI stats seem to be confused with his so-called "test" stats, but where exactly does his "test batting average" of 14 come from? In addition, Bryson's real ODI batting strike rate was 128 for every 100 balls, which in an era like 1997 was super-duper aggressive for any batsman, but the game says he is a "moderate" batsman. So what exactly was going through the heads of the designers of this game when implementing player stats?? I have attached a screenshot of Bryson's in-game stats compared to a screenshot of his real career stats from ESPNCricInfo for proof. I know these inaccuracies of stats extend to other players in other teams and not just to Rudi Bryson. In the World XI team, the game shows the test bowling average of Vivian Richards as 55 when in reality it was 61. How deep do these inaccuracies go? Hopefully I can get around to correcting the stats of each and every player.

In the PC version of BLC99, inside the main folder you will find various files (config files) ending in the format CFG. These contain the values of the basic AI and some of them are slightly more updated than the values in the PS1 version, since the PC version came out later in 1999. Codemasters also later released an official patch for the PC version that altered some of the values. There are 6 config files that affect the type of stroke played, which are 1day1, 1day10, 1day20, 1day40, 1day50, and 1day60, while the other config files affect the camera, ball, bowling, and field, among other things. I believe the file 1day1 is for strokes in any type of limited-over match, while the rest are specifically for 10, 20, 40, 50, and 60-over matches respectively. In the PS1 version, according to hex-editing experiments, the only file that had any bearing for ANY stroke in limited-overs matches is the 1day1 file, so in other words, the end-result of a stroke would be the same no matter what limited-overs match was being played, unlike the PC version. With a hex-editor, one can alter the values in the PS1 version so that they match the values of the PC version and the values contained in the official Codemasters patch for any kind of match you want to play. If you want to do this, open the PS1 rom file of BLC99 in a hex-editor and look under the text-string for the same words contained in the match config files. The most common word in these particular config files is "strokeprob". You can also search for the word "tactic". So while there are 6 sets of "tactic" settings in the PC version, there is only one such setting in the PS1 version. Since the PS1 version only recognizes one "tactic" instead of 6, you may need to make 6 copies of your PS1 rom if you do not want to re-edit them every time you start a different new match - that's if you intend to play all 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60-over matches with any degree of realism. Likewise, the values in the other config files in the PC version can be inserted into the PS1 version with a hex-editor in the same manner. Interestingly, the only freely downloadable full PC version of BLC99 seems to be a privately modified version - these modifications were not officially made by Codemasters. What I did instead was download the PC demo version of BLC99 and the official BLC99 PC Codemasters patch. Even the PC demo contains a few updates from the full PS1 version. I am currently in the process of adding these newer values and updates from both the PC demo and the official PC Codemasters patch into the PS1 version with a hex-editor.

If you want to play a limited overs match without the match being a day-night game, make sure your venue is any venue in England, any venue in the West Indies, any venue in Zimbabwe, Hobart, Ahmedabad, Madras, Hamilton, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, or Kandy. Limited-over matches at all the other stadiums shall turn out as day-night matches.

That's all, for now. I have alot of work to do and it will probably be a while before I post again. Cheers.


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