*NEW* Dice Cricket, a new game updated from the old OWZTHAT hexagonal rollers

Dice Cricket

School Cricketer
Jul 13, 2021


School Cricketer
Nov 23, 2023
Bought the PDF version a couple of days ago and played a T20 International game between England and Australia using players from different eras. Played out really well and ended up a close game with plenty of twists and turns. Australia made 172/6 off their 20 overs despite being 11/3 at one point. England started well and were 67/1 but slumped to 80/5 before steadying and reached 176/6 with 8 balls to spare.

Very impressed by the way the game is thought out and how it plays.

Would love someone to do a teams book with ratings and to include fantasy test/ODI teams

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