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Dec 16, 2003
Here are some useful Battrick links. If you have other links just give me a PM and I'll add them.

Planet Cricket Threads
Battrick Newbie Guide By aussie1st
Battrick Newbie Guide By Galstaf
Interview with National Managers (The Answers)
Planet Cricket Alliance

Other Sites

Battrick Help- The Best Place To Start In Battrick | A great resource for Battrick players of all levels, newbie and pro alike.
Battrick-Helper |The Battrick-Helper suite of spreadsheets is composed of the FA-Helper, the PR-Helper and the Timetable-Helper. It is designed to help play the Battrick cricket management game.
Battrick Helpfile |Training times and general information
AtStumps utility |An offline Battrick Manager, for tracking of player training, matches as well as additional tools to help manage your side.
Battrick Updates |Battrick Times
Jumpers for Wickets |A fanzine full of Battrick articles and interviews and things.
Scuffer & Tuhob's Wages and Training Calculator |This tool is designed to work out a rough estimation of level of skills based on a player's wage and then give you an estimation of how long it would take to train a player.
Virtual Designs Battrick Spreadsheet Forum | A tool for team selection and tracking.
Battrick Stadium Helper |Use this tool if you plan on upgrading.
Battrick Stadium Expansion Guide |Guide to upgrading your stadium.
Battrick Face Generator |Allows you to create BT faces.
Promo/Demo |Promotion and Demotion information, based on Season 12.
BT20 Division Finder BatStats |Lots of different rankings for BT teams.
Pitch Emporium |This site tells you which pitch type favours which player. It also contains a spreadsheet to find the optimal way to get to a certain pitch.
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