Story MCC XI vs ROW XI- MCC XI in strong position

Who will win this match?

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Jan 9, 2009
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Aditya: alright, we're all set for the toss then, let's go straight to Nasser Hussain.

Toss with Nasser Hussain

NH.png Right, we're very close to the toss time then, I've got with me 2 legends of this game, Shane Warne and Sachin Tendulkar and along side them is the match referee, Chris Broad.

NH.png Warnie, you've the coin, give it a little spin please.


NH.png And heads it is, Sachin you've won the toss, what will you do?

*Huge chant from the crowd - Sachin Sachin!!*

SRT.png Yes Nasser, we're going to bowl first. The starting bit of the first innings should prove to be handy to the bowlers and that I believe should pretty much be the time to capitalize and get some early wickets.

NH.png Jeez, it's been a while since you last played. How are the nerves doing?

SRT.png There's always a little nervousness before you step onto the cricket field but I'm feeling fine right now, we're all here for a special occasion and I'm sure this will be a very good match.

NH.png It sure will be Sachin, good luck!

NH.png Warnie, would you have batted first as well?

SW.png Yes Nass, pretty much. As Sachin said, the first few overs may go in favor of the bowlers but apart from that, this is pretty much a batsmen's surface with a bit of grass on it, which wouldn't be too useful for the bowlers.

NH.png You were with us commentating about 2 weeks ago and now you're playing in the Lord's cricket ground, how does it feel?

SW.png Special, very special. The build up to this game has been truly marvelous, we weren't forced to practice so that was a sigh of relief (grins). It's good to play with and against all these wonderful cricketers, I'm very much looking forward for the match to begin.

NH.png We all are Warnie, cheers and do well.

SW.png Cheers Nass!

Aditya : So that was the toss, MCC XI won the toss and elected to bowl first.

Aditya : We're minutes away from the start of the match but before that, we've to announce the winners of the previous contest and introduce the next contest for our viewers.

Winners of the previous contest: Dipak, Davoo, Sulaiman7, surendar, Meet. Congratulations, you all have won 1,000 vCash reward each.


Which of these 4 catches according to you is the best?

PS : Random.Org will be used and whichever number (1-4) comes up will be declared the best catch. The members who participate in this contest, among them whoever chooses will be adjourned the winners (3 winners to be selected).

Virender Sehwag and Tamim Iqbal make their way to the middle

Aditya : the batsmen are coming out to bat, it's time for a short commercial break, do join us on the other side as we catch the live action from Lord's.
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Feb 16, 2012
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Paul Collingwood's catch, number 3.


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Option 4 :D


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No contest. Dwayne Leverock ie option 4. The day the earth stood still, and even shook a little. I remember watching that catch live on TV at university, a bottle of rum in the middle of me and my friends.


Jul 27, 2013
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Option 3.
Just see the height of that jump ._.


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Feb 16, 2012
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Not only the jump but catching the ball of that speed was great too.


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Jan 9, 2009
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The match is set to begin! Hold on to your seats, it's going to be an epic thriller this. ;)

Quick wickets hurt ROW


The match started off at Lord's and with a huge cheer from the crowd, the players were welcome into the ground. The atmosphere was electrifying and each of the 22 players looked charged up for the challenge that lay ahead of him.

2 opening batsmen for ROW were : Virendra Sehwag and Tamim Iqbal. The man who opened the bowling for MCC was one of current best in the world i.e. Umar Gul.

Sehwag out for a duck!


Having not been part of the Indian team for a while, the expectations from Sehwag in this match ought to be huge. Knowing Sehwag - you always have to expect the unexpected and in this match, not necessarily for the best.

The very first ball that Sehwag faced from Gul, he instead of guiding it down to the fine leg - tried to SMASH it and hit it too hard. Saeed Ajmal had no troubles in successfully completing the catch and this special match wasn't to be one that the Sehwag fans would remember for the days to come. ROW XI were 0-1.

Gilchrist follows Sehwag to the pavilion the very over


Adam Gilchrist - one of the most destructive of the batsman to set foot on the cricket pitch. Who can forget that 56 ball hundred vs England - what hitting!

Gul was all charged up and ready to bowl - after all, he had got the wicket of India's "destructive king" i.e. Virendra Sehwag. Gilchrist took his guard and took his own time to face his 1st ball and now we were ready...

Gilchrist couldn't construct an innings either, as he faced only 2 deliveries in this clash between legends and got out on his 3rd delivery.

As he often tried to do in his career, Gilchrist wanted to softly roll his wrists and play a late cut to the 3rd man - BUT, he didn't time it well and instead played it straight into the hands of Rahul Dravid, at 1st slip.

Not the Tamim Iqbal we know

After 2 early blows, Iqbal was restrained from playing his normal self. He couldn't go for early boundaries and this clearly wasn't Iqbal's forte.

Iqbal looked desperate to try and go for the big shots but he was STOPPED by a gem from Umar Gul. Pitching on the good length, the ball swung late and left Iqbal clueless as to play or leave, Iqbal edged the ball and it went straight to the hands of Chris Read - an easy catch and a soft dismissal for MCC XI. The scoreline now read 19-3.

Petersen starts the rebuilding process


With so much said about Petersen post the match, the pressure to perform was without doubt visible in Petersen's eyes. After being dropped and forcefully told to retire - Petersen wanted to set a point straight i.e. he can still play and that's what he tried to do.

During the starting bit of his innings, Petersen didn't look in a position to play big shots but that was somehow not making him feel comfortable. The singles were hard to come by, thanks to a solid fielding unit of MCC XI. This made Petersen desperate to aim for the big shots and he DID.

Petersen played a crispy leg drive, squeezing through the fielders, the ball reached to the boundary in a "jiffy". Then there was the classy straight drive over the mid-on, with no fielder having the chance of catching it.

The situation for ROW XI looked to improve as KP was looking in fine tough.

Yuvi - stand and deliver!


Yuvraj Singh came to the crease at a very critical time, having lost 3 wickets in quick succession, ROW wanted KP and Yuvi to build a strong partnership.

One would think that such situation would make Yuvi go into a shell and not play his usual self but NO - Yuvraj in fact looked to attack and and squeeze runs.

Yuvraj hit 2 successive boundaries to Lee - one through the off and one through the leg side, both absolutely marvelous shots. In the very next over, Yuvi played a risky - but paid off shot, through the leg side, 4 more.

The situation for ROW XI seemed to improve.

Things go from bad to worse for ROW XI


Yuvraj looked set to carry on and play a long innings but it was one of the most unluckiest dismissals that he could have had. Having got the confidence of playing his natural strokes, Yuvraj tried to hit a straight drive but because of Lee's quick reflexes, instead of achieving a boundary - the ROW XI lost Yuvraj to a sitter from Brett Lee.

The score now was 4-45.

KP's wicket leaves ROW XI shattered


After Yuvraj, it was KP's turn. In pressure situations it's best to play attacking some would think, to get the better of the situation but what if - it comes back to bite you in the "you know the rest". :p

Pietersen instead of containing - went for another big shot but it was 1 shot too many for him, as he found Shivnarine Chanderpaul taking a easy catch at the Long-On to dismiss KP for a aggressive 24 off 25 balls.

ROW XI continue to attack - will it work?


Out went Yuvraj and Petersen, In came Collingwood and Afridi. The fearsome Afridi from Pakistan in his usual style - played his shots in spite of the pressure that mounted ROW XI.

Collingwood on other hand, looked for easy singles to keep the scoreboard ticking.

ROW XI : 73/5
After 12 overs
Paul Collingwood : 15*(12)
Shahid Afridi 11*(9)

The winning catch is : "the day earth stood still" - Dwayne Leverock's stunner.

Winners are : Umair2000, qpeedore

Congratulations! You each have won vCash prize of 1,000 each

PlanetCricket Contest - how much will ROW XI score?

Option 1 : Below 100
Option 2 : 100-150
Option 3 : 150-200
Option 4 : 200-250
Option 5 : 250-300
Option 6 : 300+

1 lucky winner wins 15,000 vCash prize​
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