Your Test and ODI XIs for 2011


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Apr 13, 2011
ESPN has already done this so I thought we would too. Here is my Test XI:

1. A Cook (can there be anyone else???)
2. A. Strauss (C) Just because I think his been the best cap'n of 2011
3. R Dravid (India's saving grace in England, with over 1000 runs in 2011)
4. KP (Not back to his best but getting there)
5. I Bell (I was never a massive fan before but I am now)
6. M Prior (WK)
7. S.A Hassan (his been terrific for Bangladesh)
8. S Broad
9. S Ajmal (best bowler in 2011 without a doubt)
10. D Steyn
11. J Anderson


1. V Sehwag (was destructive once again, although more often at home than away)
2. S Watson (a true ODI opener who is a more than useful bowler)
3. H Amla ( THE most elegant batsman on the planet)
4. K Sangakkara (why he isnt picked by ESPN is beyond me, avrgd 50 and took a tonne of cts) WK
5. AB Divilliers
6. Y Singh
7. S Afridi (the best allrounder in the ODI format, best player too??)
8. S Ajmal
9. M Morkel ( a very under rated ODI bowler)
10. Z Khan
11. L Malinga

Now who would be captain? :facepalm


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Mar 5, 2009
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Cook - has to be, easily one of the best batsmen of the year
strauss - was going to say tuafeeq umar but I actually agree with you that strauss' captaincy and driving the team on has been key
Dravid - another contender for best batsman of the year, he's hit some magnificent 100s.
sangakkara - his ton against south africa there just seals it, but it had already been an impressive year.
Bell - classy and stylish and more importantly using his class to score important runs, not just pretty little meaningless efforts
Shakib - averaging 50 with the bat over 2011 for bangladesh must be up there with dravids efforts in england. still taking wickets at a rate impressive for anyone.
Baugh - ok, prior has been great at scoring runs, but i felt bad about excluding bravo from the top 6, and baugh put in some of the finest examples of keeping this year
Broad - hate him but yes
Ajmal - i don't know if he's taken the crown from swann overall yet but 2011 was his year and if being the worlds best spinner means anything then it this mans for the taking in 2012
steyn - the only world class cricketer at the height of his powers right now, leads the quick bowling revolution in 2011 where in previous years he was it's soul ambassador
anderson - great year for anderson who is now able to be a pure strike bowler as he's getting such good support from his team.

ODI, i would just be repeating my world cup one. no other odi cricket matters, especially not in the wake of a world cup.


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Apr 26, 2003
MS Dhoni not featuring in an ODI XI is A.T.R.O.C.I.O.U.S. He has been a fantastic ODI batsman (in all conditions; even in England he had very good knocks in ODI's) and he is the World Cup winning captain and he won the final with that 91*.


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Dec 16, 2003
Apart from Cook it does show how poor the other openers were. I've picked a team based on where they bat. Did a sneaky one with Dravid who did open last year.

Shakib Al Hasan
Saeed Ajmal

Bresnan and Gul very close on the bowling front.

VC the slogger

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Aug 23, 2010
Test XI
01.Alastair Cook(927 [email protected] in 2011)
02.Mohammad Hafeez(647 [email protected]&15 [email protected] in 2011)
03.Rahul Dravid(1145 [email protected] in 2011)
04.Kumar Sangakkara(1034 [email protected] in 2011)
05.Ian Bell(950 [email protected] in 2011)
06.Shakib Al Hasan(451 [email protected] in 2011)
07.Matt Prior(519 [email protected] &36 dismissals in 2011)
08.Stuart Broad(33 [email protected]+239 [email protected] in 2011)
09.Saeed Ajmal(50 [email protected] in 2011)
10.Dale Steyn(28 [email protected] in 2011)
11.James Anderson(35 [email protected] in 2011)

01.Virender Sehwag(645 [email protected] in 2011)
02.Shane Watson(1139 [email protected] & 17 [email protected] in 2011)
03.Kumar Sangakkara(1127 [email protected] & 34 dismissals in 2011)
04.Virat Kohli(1381 [email protected] in 2011)
05.AB de Villiers(467 [email protected] in 2011)
06.MS Dhoni(764 [email protected] & 23 dismissals in 2011)
07.Shahid Afridi(462 [email protected] & 45 [email protected] in 2011)
08.Mitchell Johnson(39 [email protected] & 208 [email protected] in 2011)
09.Graeme Swann(31 [email protected] in 2011)
10.Lasith Malinga(48 [email protected] in 2011)
11.Dale Steyn(25 [email protected] in 2011)


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Apr 13, 2011
MS Dhoni not featuring in an ODI XI is A.T.R.O.C.I.O.U.S. He has been a fantastic ODI batsman (in all conditions; even in England he had very good knocks in ODI's) and he is the World Cup winning captain and he won the final with that 91*.

his batting was atrocious last year until the WC final so I'd rather have Sanga in there as my keeper batsman.


some good selections. Personally I would never have Gul or Bresnan anywhere near a test XI.
I dont agree with the selection of Swann in the odi xi but he has had a decent year

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