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Cricket 19: The Official Game Of The Ashes gets even better, with big all-new Cricket 19 Ultimate Edition DLC release

Play in The Hundred, the Caribbean Premier League, or tackle all-new online challenges, and get even more out of your Cricket 19 experience

Melbourne, July 15: Big Ant Studios is thrilled to announce Cricket 19 Ultimate Edition DLC for the successful and acclaimed Cricket 19: The Official Game Of The Ashes, adding a new international team and competition licenses, and even more ways to play.

For the first time, players will be able to compete in the ECB’s new, innovative short-form cricket competition known as The Hundred. Players can draft a fantasy The Hundred team, and then take to the pitch to prove that they have got the best team in the competition. Furthermore, just as the event organisers have given the Men’s and Women’s competitions equal prominence, so has Big Ant.

“This is the full The Hundred experience,” Ross Symons, CEO of Big Ant Studios said. “We’ve gone out and recreated three more stadia in the UK, so fans will be able to play along with the complete competition, while testing their own management and playing skills in building up their perfect team.

“Our goal has always been to give cricket fans the full experience, and The Hundred represents an exciting new format for the game that we have been looking forward to implementing for a while now,” Symons added. “It’s also the first time that we’ve brought DLC to a cricket game. We have fans that have played Cricket 19 for thousands of hours, and they have been asking us for ways to deepen their experience even more. We can’t wait for them to experience the excitement this DLC brings to the game.”

To support the excitement of The Hundred, Big Ant Studios has introduced a wealth of new content to the game via the DLC, including:

  • A treasure trove of new licensed players! Over 200 fully licensed players have been meticulously detailed and added to the game’s rosters.
  • Three new stadia: Play with all eight The Hundred teams at their home stadium.
Get into the Caribbean vibe with the Caribbean Premier League (CPL)!

Cricket fans that purchase the DLC can also enjoy playing in the wildly-popular Caribbean Premier League (CPL)! You’ll be able to take to the Caribbean to show your skills in what is known as the coolest cricket competition on the planet, a “carnival of cricket” set within seven all-new stadiums.

The DLC will be priced at $Au14.95/€9.99, and available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

All players get a free patch!

In addition to the DLC, Big Ant Studios will be rolling out a free patch for all players on Cricket 19 at the same time. Both those with the DLC and those that don’t have it will gain access to a range of new features.

The free patch will feature:

  • All-new “Test the Best” mode with weekly skill challenges to compete online with other cricket fans from around the world.
  • An all-new “Emotes” system to allow you to send emotes and reactions during online play – perfect for when you have hit a big six off your friend’s bowling (DLC owners get an additional, exclusive, set of emotes on top of those included in the patch).
Both the DLC and patch will be available on July 16, 2021.
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Superb. Looking forward to this
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Next question is what time on the 16th does it go live
Yeah West Indies makes sense, when I first saw the tweet and saw Ultimate Edition I thought we were getting a FIFA like game mode haha
Wonder what the new international team is?
I think it may be New Zealand you know
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NEW international team?? Hmm..I think it may be New Zealand by looking at the trailer..I may be wrong. Just a guess! ‍♂️

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