Draft: Asia XI vs ROW XI draft

Adil Rashid at number 10 in ODI
I've been mulling this idea over in my head for a while so here is how it works:

This draft will be for 6 teams (yes I know that will make this draft long as heck):
  1. Asia XI Test
  2. Asia XI OD
  3. Asia XI T20
  4. ROW XI Test
  5. ROW XI OD
  6. ROW XI T20
every person that signs up will be assigned either Asia XI or ROW XI (after everyone has signed up). You must try and pick the best players to fill each format that are currently active either in Domestic or International level.

The catch is, if for example Steve Smith gets selected for ROW Test team, he cannot be picked for either the OD or the T20 team.

I was also thinking of having one person on either the Asia XI and ROW XI side as a "mole", so while others will try to pick the best players to fit the side the mole would be actively trying to pick the worst player.

The draft order:

Asia XI:
  1. @Till Valhalla :ind: :bwl: Jaydev Unadkat T20
  2. @AsadRM :ind: :bat: Virat Kholi ODI
  3. @Mittal2002 :pak: :ar: Shahid Afridi ODI
  4. @sanchitgarg :ind: :bat: Rohit Sharma ODI
  5. @ddrap14 :pak: :wk: Mohammad Rizwan T20
  6. @Till Valhalla :ind: :ar: Kedar Jadhav Test
  7. @AsadRM :pak: :bat: Azhar Ali Test
  8. @Mittal2002 :pak: :bwl: Umar Gul T20
  9. @sanchitgarg :ind: :bwl: Jasprit Bumrah ODI
  10. @ddrap14 :ind: :ar: Ravichandran Ashwin Test
  11. @Parth D :pak: :wk: Kamran Akmal Test
  12. @AsadRM :pak: :bat: Imam-ul-Haq ODI
  13. @Mittal2002 :afg: :bwl: Rashid Khan T20
  14. @sanchitgarg :ind: :bwl: Mohammed Shami Test
  15. @ddrap14 :ban: :bwl: Mustafizur Rahman ODI
  16. @Parth D :ind: :bat: Cheteshwar Pujara T20
  17. @AsadRM :pak: :bat: Abid Ali Test
  18. @Mittal2002 :ind: :ar: Ravindra Jadeja ODI
  19. @sanchitgarg :sri: :bwl: Lasith Malinga T20
  20. @ddrap14 :ban: :ar: Shakib Al Hasan T20
  21. @Parth D :ban: :bat: Mohammad Ashraful ODI
  22. @AsadRM :pak: :bwl: Shaheen Afridi Test
  23. @Mittal2002 :sri: :ar: Angelo Mathews ODI
  24. @sanchitgarg :pak: :bat: Babar Azam T20
  25. @ddrap14 :ind: :bat: Shubman Gill Test
  26. @Parth D :ind: :ar: Vijay Shankar T20
  27. @AsadRM :sri: :ar: Wanindu Hasaranga T20
  28. @Mittal2002 :ind: :wk: MS Dhoni ODI
  29. @sanchitgarg :ind: :bwl: Ishant Sharma Test
  30. @ddrap14 :ind: :bwl: Bhuvneshwar Kumar T20
  31. @Parth D :ban: :bat: Sabbir Rahman Test
  32. @AsadRM :pak: :bat: Fawad Alam ???
  33. @Mittal2002 :pak: :bwl: Mohammad Amir ODI
  34. @sanchitgarg
  35. @ddrap14
  36. @Parth D

  1. @Till Valhalla :saf: :ar: George Linde Test
  2. @ahmedleo414 :eng: :bat: Joe Root Test
  3. @Aislabie :aus: :bat: Steve Smith Test
  4. @Yash. :saf: :wkb: AB de Villiers Test
  5. @CerealKiller :eng: :wkb: Jos Buttler T20
  6. @Till Valhalla (Fin) :ar: Amjad Sher T20
  7. @ahmedleo414 :nzf: :bat: Devon Conway T20
  8. @Aislabie :wi: :ar: Kieron Pollard T20
  9. @Yash. :eng: :wkb: Jonny Bairstow ODI
  10. @CerealKiller :aus: :bwl: Mitchell Starc ODI
  11. @Till Valhalla :nor: :bat: Sher Sahak ODI
  12. @ahmedleo414 :saf: :wkb: Quinton de Kock ODI
  13. @Aislabie :aus: :bwl: Pat Cummins Test
  14. @Yash. :aus: :bwl: Nathan Lyon Test
  15. @CerealKiller :eng: :ar: Ben Stokes ODI
  16. @Till Valhalla :ken: :bwl: Eugene Ochieng Test
  17. @ahmedleo414 :saf: :bwl: Tabraiz Shamsi T20
  18. @Aislabie :wi: :ar: Andre Russell T20
  19. @Yash. :nzf: :bat: Kane Williamson ODI
  20. @CerealKiller :nzf: :bwl: Trent Boult ODI
  21. @Till Valhalla :ger: :bat: Vijayshankar Chikkannaiah Test
  22. @ahmedleo414 :saf: :bat: Temba Bavuma ODI
  23. @Aislabie :nzf: :wkb: Tom Latham Test
  24. @Yash. :saf: :bat: Faf du Plessis T20
  25. @CerealKiller :wi: :ar: Jason Holder Test
  26. @Till Valhalla (Swe) :bat: Rahul Gowthaman T20
  27. @ahmedleo414 :ire: :ar: Simi Singh ODI
  28. @Aislabie :zim: :bwl: Blessing Muzarabani Test
  29. @Yash.
  30. @CerealKiller
  31. @Till Valhalla
  32. @ahmedleo414
  33. @Aislabie
  34. @Yash.
  35. @CerealKiller
  36. @Till Valhalla

Batting OrderAsia XI TestAsia XI ODIAsia XI T20
1:ind: :bat: Shubman Gill:ind: :bat: Rohit Sharma:pak: :wk: Mohammad Rizwan
2:pak: :bat: Abid Ali:pak: :bat: Imam-ul-Haq:pak: :bat: Babar Azam
3:pak: :bat: Azhar Ali:ind: :bat: Virat Kohli:ind: :bat: Cheteshwar Pujara
4:ind: :ar: Kedar Jadhav:ban: :bat: Mohammad Ashraful :c::ind: :ar: Vijay Shankar
5:ban: :bat: Sabbir Rahman:sri: :ar: Angelo Mathews:ban: :ar: Shakib Al Hasan
6:pak: :wk: Kamran Akmal:ind: :wk: MS Dhoni
7:pak: :ar: Shahid Afridi:afg: :bwl: Rashid Khan
8:ind: :ar: Ravichandran Ashwin:ind: :ar: Ravindra Jadeja:ind: :bwl: Jaydev Unadkat
9:pak: :bwl: Shaheen Afridi:pak: :bwl: Mohammad Amir:pak: :bwl: Umar Gul
10:ind: :bwl: Mohammed Shami:ban: :bwl: Mustafizur Rahman:ind: :bwl: Bhuvneshwar Kumar
11:ind: :bwl: Ishant Sharma:ind: :bwl: Jasprit Bumrah:sri: :bwl: Lasith Malinga
12:sri: :ar: Wanindu Hasaranga

Batting OrderROW XI TestROW XI ODIROW XI T20
1:ger: :bat: Vijayshankar Chikkannaiah:eng: :wkb: Jonny Bairstow:eng: :wkb: Jos Buttler
2:nzf: :wkb: Tom Latham:saf: :wkb: Quinton de Kock:saf: :bat: Faf du Plessis
3:aus: :bat: Steve Smith:nzf: :bat: Kane Williamson:nzf: :bat: Devon Conway
4:eng: :bat: Joe Root:eng: :ar: Ben Stokes(Swe) :bat: Rahul Gowthaman
5:saf: :wkb: AB de Villiers:nor: :bat: Sher Sahak:wi: :ar: Kieron Pollard
6:saf: :ar: George Linde:saf: :bat: Temba Bavuma(Fin) :ar: Amjad Sher
7:wi: :ar: Jason Holder:ire: :ar: Simi Singh:wi: :ar: Andre Russell
8:ken: :bwl: Eugene Ochieng:aus: :bwl: Mitchell Starc
9:aus: :bwl: Pat Cummins:nzf: :bwl: Trent Boult
10:aus: :bwl: Nathan Lyon
11:zim: :bwl: Blessing Muzarabani:saf: :bwl: Tabraiz Shamsi
Stuart Binny at number 7 for Asia Test XI

Guess that automatically puts Fawad Alam as Test 12th man

Asia Captains:
Test - Azhar Ali
ODI - Mohd Ashraful
T20 - Lasith Malinga
@Till Valhalla missed his time.

I'll go with Josh Hazlewood for ROW ODI XI at 11


He's taken 93 wickets so far in his ODI career he fits right into the ODI team

@Aislabie you're next

:nzf: :bwl: Lockie Ferguson will bat at number 10 for the Rest of the World Twenty20 XI.


One suggestion for a future version of this draft might be to give everybody the option between picking a good player for their own team or sabotaging the opposing team. For example, I might just have been in the mood to pick Waqas Barkat to open the batting for the Asian T20 XI one day, then Joe Root for the ROW Test XI the next
Sunil Narine in the T20 XI at the number 8 spot.
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Nicholas Pooran as 12th man for ROW ODI XI

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