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Apr 5, 2009
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The Women's game is absolutely stacked with excellent all-rounders, and I think that we've seen quite a lot of the better ones chosen. I think that it would have been a bit harder if we had to choose specialists. A couple of comments on teams will reflect that.


1. :nzf: :ar: Suzie Bates
2. :eng: :bat: Charlotte Edwards
3. :sri: :ar: Chamari Athapaththu
4. :aus: :bat: Meg Lanning
5. :ind: :ar: Harmanpreet Kaur
6. :aus: :ar: Ellyse Perry
7. :nzf: :wkb: Rachel Priest
8. :eng: :bwl: Anya Shrubsole
9. :aus: :bwl: Sarah Coyte
10. :pak: :bwl: Diana Baig
11. :wi: :bwl: Anisa Mohammed

- In terms of batting, you've probably got it almost perfect. That's a really good top order, although I really would have preferred Chamari opening. She's, by everything I've seen, one amazing opener.

- You've also got your players quite defined in terms of roles in the team. Not something seen often in Drafts.

- Some of your bowlers can bat a little, but that's a bit of a long tail you've got. But with that 1-7, who cares?


1. :ind: :bat: Shafali Verma
2. :saf: :bat: Lizelle Lee
3. :eng: :wk: Sarah Taylor
4. :aus: :ar: Ash Gardner
5. :eng: :bat: Danni Wyatt
6. :saf: :bat: Chloe Tryon
7. :nzf: :ar: Melie Kerr
8. :pak: :ar: Nida Dar
9. :wi: :bwl: Shanel Daley
10. :eng: :bwl: Holly Colvin
11. :aus: :bwl: Kristen Beams

- You've definitely gotten the best out of your English picks - Taylor is one of the better English players in history, and Wyatt isn't that far behind even though you don't really hear much about her.

- Considering that I think a few players got stolen before you could pick them, you've got a team with distinctly defined roles for each person.

- One or two of your choices are based on potential - by all means they'll do quite well over the upcoming years, but at present they're slightly unproven.


1.:aus: :wkb: Beth Mooney
2. :nz: :ar: Sophie Devine
3. :wi: :bat: Deandra Dottin
4. :eng: :bat: Heather Knight
5. :saf: :bat: Laura Wolvaardt
6. :ind: :ar: Deepti Sharma
7. :sco: :wkb: Sarah Bryce
8. :aus: :ar: Jess Jonassen
9. :eng: :bwl: Katherine Brunt
10. :eng: :bwl: Sarah Glenn
11. :saf: :bwl: Shabnim Ismail

- I think you might have one of the better seam bowling attacks in this Draft. Brunt and Ismail opening up for a few overs will bring early wickets, and I really like seeing Ismail when she's on form.

- You've also got amazing batting power, everyone from 1-7 will score at a fast clip. You got Devine, probably the best current batter.

- That being said, I'm not sure if the swashbuckle sort of mentality can work out long-term. Your batters will need to show some patience at times.


1. :ind: :bat: Mithali Raj
2. :wi: :ar: Stafanie Taylor
3. :aus: :ar: Karen Rolton
4. :saf: :ar: Dane van Niekerk
5. :nz: :wkb: Katey Martin
6. :saf: :ar: Sune Luus
7. :aus: :ar: Georgia Wareham
8. :eng: :ar: Jenny Gunn
9. :nz: :bwl: Nicola Browne
10. :ban: :bwl: Nahida Akter
11. :aus: :bwl: Megan Schutt

- I got Taylor, one of the best women to ever play the game.

- I have a balance of aggression and a calm attitude throughout my order. Important in the shorter formats. You'd think otherwise, but 120 balls are a lot.

- Not sure if my many all-rounders will really cut it for an actual balanced squad. Those who are in defined bowler/batter roles are very good, but the all-rounders, while they're all awesome players, don't quite go one way or the other in terms of batting/bowling. I can see this being a very confusing batting order.


:aus: :wk: Alyssa Healy
:ind: :bat: Smriti Mandhana
:aus: :bat: Alex Blackwell
:nzf: :ar: Amy Satterthwaite
:eng: :ar: Natalie Sciver
:sco: :bat: Kathryn Bryce
:pak: :ar: Sana Mir
:saf: :ar: Marizanne Kapp
:aus: :ar: Rene Farrell
:ind: :bwl: Radha Yadav
:ind: :bwl: Poonam Yadav

- You've got the Yadavs. Two very different spinners, each very effective.

- Healy will always be a Healy. Being the niece of Ian, it's no doubt that she was destined to be a keeper-batter, and as far as things go, she's extremely good at her role.

- You do suffer from a little bit of a lack of seaming penetration. I know what the averages say, but your main seamers are Farrell and Kapp - not actual specialists, with Sciver to follow. Nat does have the distinction of having the "Natmeg" shot named after her though, so that's a bit of a plus.

I hope I didn't offend anyone. The best-of-the-rest will come hopefully tomorrow.
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Apr 5, 2009
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@ahmedleo414 @Aislabie @mohsin7827 @Yash.

So, to be honest, I can't quite pick a "best" from the amount of really good players out there. What I've done is try to select about as good of a squad that I can, and even then I couldn't exactly just stick to eleven people. I have twelve.

Country cap limits don't apply.

:aus: :bat: Elyse Villani (batting average 28.52 in 62 T20is, best 90*) - They often bring in the boundary ropes by a few metres for women's matches. Wouldn't have been any issue for Villani, she'll effortlessly hit an 85-metre six and then without even thinking twice, drive the bowler for four off of the next delivery. You need runs at the top? Give this lady a call.

:aus: :bat:Kate Blackwell (batting average 39.66 in 6 T20is, best 43*) - Whenever anyone mentions twins and cricket in the same sentence, the thoughts all go to the Waugh brothers. But Kate and her sister Alex are notable for actually being identical, thus far one of the extremely few identical pairs to have represented their country at the top level. Alex might have been the one who got a bigger opportunity, but I think Kate was actually the better player.

:pak: :bat: :c: Javeria Khan (batting average 22 in 101 T20is, best 70*) - Her relatively low-ish average doesn't tell you the full story behind just how great of a player she is. She literally can bat anywhere in the order, although she's probably most comfortable at or near the top, so that she'll get the team off to a solid start. She'll captain this team, from what I've read about her, she's mentally quite strong.

:ger: :ar:Christina Gough (batting average 48.75 in 13 T20is, best 101*) - It's not easy to compare a player from a team such as Germany to some of the more established nations, but she's a superstar in her team for sure. From the couple of videos I've seen of her, she's faced some really atrocious bowling, but she's technically correct and looks to be a really good batter.

:pak: :bat:Bismah Mahroof (batting average 27.46 in 108 T20is, best 70*) - She'll anchor the middle. Never one to play a shot out of anger, she's the sort of player who is a treat to watch in limited overs contests. Not seemingly aggressive, but give her a few overs and you suddenly notice that she's scored at a run a ball and is looking dangerous. The rest of the batters can go after the bowling from the other end, she'll just do what she does best. Not here for her bowling, but if needed, she can turn her arm over.

:sco: :ar:Kathryn Bryce (batting average 50 in 14 T20is, best 73*) - @mohsin7827 you chose her sister Sarah over her, I think you maybe missed out on someone special in Kat. She can be a bit expensive with the ball, but in this team she isn't being picked for her bowling.

:saf: :ar:Nadine de Klerk (batting average 24.1 in 20 T20is, best 37* - 18 wickets at 14.38, best 3/18) - She's a pick based off of potential, but she's had a good start to her international career. Mentioned in Cricinfo's list of 20 females to look out for in the 2020s, she hasn't done a thing wrong that would prove their writers otherwise. (Side note: among us we've picked quite a few players from that list.)

:aus: :wkb:Jessica Duffin (batting average 20.91 in 64 T20is, best 68* - 1 catch as keeper) - It's perhaps a little unfair that I pick a makeshift wicketkeeper, but she has made crucial runs when the usually-strong Australia team needed it after losing a few cheap wickets. She hasn't kept wicket very much, yet she is quite capable with the gloves. And she plays Aussie rules football - not someone I'd want to run into if she's in an angry mood.

:tha: :bwl:Nattaya Boochatham (49 wickets at 9.42 in 39 T20is, best 4/3) - No, your eyes aren't deceiving you and you didn't misread things, neither did I make a typo. Her bowling average actually is 9. Now, she might not have very many matches against "strong" opposition, but that sort of bowling is not to be ignored. About half of her 49 wickets are either bowled or LBW too, it shows a willingness to target the stumps more often than not.

:aus: :bwl:Cathryne Fitzpatrick (no wickets in 2 T20is, best 0/14) - Hard done by, she was on her way out of the international scene just when Women's T20s were getting more popular. She is widely regarded as probably the fast seamer to ever play the women's game alongside Jhulan Goswami, Lea Tahuhu and Shabnim Ismail, and her averages reflect that, she goes for less than 20 in both Tests and ODIs.

:ind: :bwl:Ekta Bisht (53 wickets at 14.71 in 42 T20is, best 4/21) - When it's her day, she can destroy batting lineups. Always featuring in the wickets tally anytime she bowls, she's a force to be reckoned with for sure.

:ban: :bwl:Jahanara Alam (55 wickets at 20.7 in 71 T20is, best 5/28) - A lot of people will know her for her eyeliner makeup, but for someone who didn't even understand cricket until 2007, she's a very good player. She hasn't really reaped the bowling rewards that she should, but she's someone you need to have on your radar.


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- @mohsin7827 you chose her sister Sarah over her, I think you maybe missed out on someone special in Kat.
He missed out because I picked her first

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