Draft: The Baz-Ball Draft


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Jan 11, 2017
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The term 'bazball' has been thrown around a lot in cricket in recent times. Everyone has an opinion on it - some love it, some hate it, some think it's 'not cricket'. But there's no denying that it's produced good results for England, with a pretty ordinary player pool and an awful track record playing the game more conventionally in this generation.

But what if they had elite players to go with it?

Welcome to the Bazball Draft. The goal of this is to put together a team of players to play the game the Brendon McCullum way - no Rahul Dravids or Bishen Bedis to be found here, instead, you must put together a team to play cricket the aggressive way.

1. You can select players from any era of cricket, but the only requirement is that they must have played a first-class game (or, in the sole exception of South Africans who played in an Apartheid era, an equivalent SAF domestic match).
2. You'll have 24 hours to make your pick.

The draft will start after my current RNG draft concludes.

Please don't sign up yet, I need to put the draft order and results post in between this and any sign ups.


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Jan 11, 2017
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@Parth D@Disharies @Aravind. @Supreme General
1. :ind: :bat: Rohit Sharma
2. :eng: :bat: Marcus Trescothick
3. :aus: :bat: Don Bradman
4. :aus: :bat: Steve Smith
5. :aus: :bat: Michael Clarke
6. :ban: :ar: Shakib al Hasan
7. :eng: :wkb: Jos Buttler
8. :pak: :ar: Imran Khan
9. :aus: :bwl: Mitchell Johnson
10. :aus: :bwl: Brett Lee
11. :ind: :bwl: Anil Kumble
1. :ind: :bat: Kris Srikkanth
2. :sri: :wkb: Niroshan Dickwella
3. :nzf: :bat: Ross Taylor

4. :saf: :wkb: AB de Villiers
5. :aus: :ar: Steve Waugh
6. :ind: :wkb: Rishabh Pant
7. :pak: :ar: Shahid Afridi
8. :nzf: :bwl: Richard Hadlee
9. :ind: :bwl: Jasprit Bumrah
10. :nzf: :bwl: Shane Bond
11. :saf: :bwl: Allan Donald
1. :sri: :ar: Sanath Jayasuriya
2. :saf: :wkb: Quinton de Kock
3. :wi: :ar: Viv Richards
4. :ind: :bat: Virat Kohli
5. :wi: :bat: Clive Lloyd
6. :aus: :bat: Michael Hussey
7. :ind: :ar: Kapil Dev
8. :wi: :ar: Malcolm Marshall
9. :aus: :bwl: Pat Cummins
10. :pak: :bwl: Waqar Younis
11. :sri: :bwl: Muttiah Muralitharan
1. :sri: :ar: Tillakaratne Dilshan
2. :aus: :bat: Victor Trumper
3. :sri: :wkb: Kumar Sangakkara
4. :eng: :bat: Kevin Pietersen
5. :wi: :ar: Sir Garfield Sobers
6. :eng: :ar: Lord Ian Botham
7. :eng: :wkb: Jonny Bairstow
8. :aus: :ar: Shane Warne
9. :eng: :bwl: Stuart Broad
10. :wi: :bwl: Michael Holding
11. :eng: :bwl: James Anderson
@Aislabie @Naman7@liveinasociety @ddrap14
1. :aus: :bat: Matthew Hayden
2. :saf: :bat: Herschelle Gibbs
3. :aus: :bat: Ricky Ponting
4. :saf: :ar: Aubrey Faulkner
5. :aus: :ar: Andrew Symonds
6. :eng: :ar: Ben Stokes
7. :nzf: :wk: Brendon McCullum
8. :eng: :ar: Gilbert Jessop
9. :pak: :ar: Wasim Akram
10. :eng: :bwl: Sydney Barnes
11. :pak: :bwl: Shoaib Akhtar
1. :ind: :bat: Virender Sehwag
2. :aus: :ar: Shane Watson
3. :ind: :bat: Cheteshwar Pujara
4. :eng: :ar: Andrew Flintoff
5. :eng: :bat: Harry Brook
6. :ind: :wkb: MS Dhoni
7. :ind: :ar: Ravindra Jadeja
8. :saf: :ar: Shaun Pollock
9. :eng: :bwl: Graeme Swann
10. :ind: :bwl: Zaheer Khan
11. :aus: :bwl: Glenn McGrath
1. :aus: :bat: David Warner
2. :saf: :bat: Graeme Smith
3. :wi: :bat: Brian Lara
4. :ind: :bat: Sachin Tendulkar
5. :ind: :bat: Mohammad Azharuddin
6. :aus: :wk: Adam Gilchrist
7. :nzf: :ar: Colin de Grandhomme
8. :ind: :ar: Ravi Ashwin
9. :saf: :bwl: Dale Steyn
10. :pak: :bwl: Shaheen Afridi
11. :eng: :bwl: Colin Blythe
1. :wi: :bat: Chris Gayle
2. :wi: :bat: Gordon Greenidge
3. :wi: :bat: George Headley
4. :saf: :ar: Jacques Kallis
5. :aus: :bat: Travis Head
6. :aus: :ar: Glenn Maxwell
7. :saf: :wkb: Mark Boucher
8. :nzf: :ar: Chris Cairns
9. :saf: :ar: Mike Proctor
10. :eng: :bwl: Johnny Briggs
11. :saf: :bwl: Kagiso Rabada
Italics mean pick was completed after draft.

Draft Order:
  1. @Parth D - :aus: :bat: Don Bradman
  2. @Disharies - :saf: :wkb: AB de Villiers
  3. @Aravind. - :wi: :ar: Viv Richards
  4. @Supreme General - :aus: :ar: Shane Warne
  5. @Aislabie - :nzf: :wk: Brendon McCullum
  6. @Naman7 - :ind: :bat: Virender Sehwag
  7. @liveinasociety - :aus: :wk: Adam Gilchrist
  8. @ddrap14 - :saf: :ar: Jacques Kallis
  9. @Disharies - :ind: :wkb: Rishabh Pant
  10. @Aravind. - :ind: :bat: Virat Kohli
  11. @Supreme General - :wi: :ar: Sir Garfield Sobers
  12. @Aislabie - :aus: :bat: Matthew Hayden
  13. @Naman7 - :eng: :bat: Harry Brook
  14. @liveinasociety - :ind: :bat: Sachin Tendulkar
  15. @ddrap14 - :saf: :ar: Mike Proctor
  16. @Parth D - :aus: :bat: Steve Smith
  17. @Aravind. - :sri: :bwl: Muttiah Muralitharan
  18. @Supreme General - :eng: :bat: Kevin Pietersen
  19. @Aislabie - :eng: :ar: Ben Stokes
  20. @Naman7 - :aus: :ar: Shane Watson
  21. @liveinasociety - :aus: :bat: David Warner
  22. @ddrap14 - :wi: :bat: Chris Gayle
  23. @Parth D - :aus: :bat: Michael Clarke
  24. @Disharies - currently late
  25. @Supreme General - :eng: :wkb: Jonny Bairstow
  26. @Aislabie - :aus: :ar: Andrew Symonds
  27. @Naman7 - :eng: :ar: Andrew Flintoff
  28. @liveinasociety - :nzf: :ar: Colin de Grandhomme
  29. @ddrap14 - :aus: :bat: Travis Head
  30. @Parth D - :ban: :ar: Shakib al Hasan
  31. @Disharies - currently late
  32. @Aravind. - :sri: :ar: Sanath Jayasuriya
  33. @Aislabie - :aus: :bat: Ricky Ponting
  34. @Naman7 - :aus: :bwl: Glenn McGrath
  35. @liveinasociety - :wi: :bat: Brian Lara
  36. @ddrap14 - :wi: :bat: Gordon Greenidge
  37. @Parth D - :eng: :wkb: Jos Buttler
  38. @Disharies - currently late
  39. @Aravind. - :wi: :bat: Clive Lloyd
  40. @Supreme General - :sri: :ar: Tillakaratne Dilshan
  41. @Naman7 - :ind: :ar: Ravindra Jadeja
  42. @liveinasociety - :saf: :bat: Graeme Smith
  43. @ddrap14 - :saf: :bwl: Kagiso Rabada
  44. @Parth D - :pak: :ar: Imran Khan
  45. @Disharies
  46. @Aravind. - :saf: :wkb: Quinton de Kock
  47. @Supreme General - :eng: :ar: Lord Ian Botham
  48. @Aislabie - :eng: :ar: Gilbert Jessop
  49. @liveinasociety - :saf: :bwl: Dale Steyn
  50. @ddrap14 - :aus: :ar: Glenn Maxwell
  51. @Parth D - :aus: :bwl: Mitchell Johnson
  52. @Disharies
  53. @Aravind. - :ind: :ar: Kapil Dev
  54. @Supreme General - :sri: :wkb: Kumar Sangakkara
  55. @Aislabie - :pak: :bwl: Shoaib Akhtar
  56. @Naman7 - :ind: :bat: Cheteshwar Pujara
  57. @ddrap14 - :eng: :bwl: Johnny Briggs
  58. @Parth D - :aus: :bwl: Brett Lee
  59. @Disharies
  60. @Aravind. - :wi: :ar: Malcolm Marshall
  61. @Supreme General - :eng: :bwl: James Anderson
  62. @Aislabie - :pak: :ar: Wasim Akram
  63. @Naman7 - :eng: :ar: Andrew Flintoff
  64. @liveinasociety - :ind: :ar: Ravi Ashwin
  65. @Parth D - :ind: :bwl: Anil Kumble
  66. @Disharies
  67. @Aravind. - :pak: :bwl: Waqar Younis
  68. @Supreme General - :eng: :bwl: Stuart Broad
  69. @Aislabie - :eng: :bwl: Sydney Barnes
  70. @Naman7 - :ind: :bwl: Zaheer Khan
  71. @liveinasociety - :ind: :bat: Mohammad Azharuddin
  72. @ddrap14 - :wi: :bat: George Headley
  73. @Disharies
  74. @Aravind. - :aus: :bwl: Pat Cummins
  75. @Supreme General - :wi: :bwl: Michael Holding
  76. @Aislabie - :saf: :ar: Aubrey Faulkner
  77. @Naman7 - :eng: :bwl: Graeme Swann
  78. @liveinasociety - :pak: :bwl: Shaheen Afridi
  79. @ddrap14 - :nzf: :ar: Chris Cairns
  80. @Parth D - :ind: :bat: Rohit Sharma
  81. @Aravind. - :aus: :bat: Michael Hussey
  82. @Supreme General - :aus: :bat: Victor Trumper
  83. @Aislabie - :saf: :bat: Herschelle Gibbs
  84. @Naman7 - :saf: :ar: Shaun Pollock
  85. @liveinasociety - :eng: :bwl: Colin Blythe
  86. @ddrap14 - :saf: :wkb: Mark Boucher
  87. @Parth D - :eng: :bat: Marcus Trescothick
  88. @Disharies
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I'm in!

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@ddrap14 too much on plate for the amount of research this will take. Still hit me up if you are unable to complete your sign ups, might join then.


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A bit busy at the moment (explains my lack of involvement with the WCC too).. think I’ll have to pass on this sadly despite the fierce urge inside me to participate. :D

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