New Zealand in England May - June 2013


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Jun 5, 2011
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I see no way NZ can fight back in the next test. A loss like this generally harms a team. :(
I hope if they can prove us wrong though!!


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Jul 23, 2007
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god, after slagging off broad owzat and I look like geniuses now.

Well this is the thing with day is absolutely twaddle the next he is absolutely world-class......both he and jimmy bowled beautifully this morning and afternoon. Was a real joy to watch. Shame it wasn't more competitive.


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Apr 13, 2011
Broad looked sharp and focused which I think has been his problem when he hasn't bowled well. The Broad conundrum...what to do? He definitely has a space for the Ashes, I wish Finn is there too.

Plus, just gona state the obvious. there is no better pure swing bowler than Anderson.


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Apr 4, 2008
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god, after slagging off broad owzat and I look like geniuses now.

I wasn't exactly slagging him off, just suggesting he should go back to the counties mainly to find some batting form. One swallow does not make a summer, and if every player I was critical off picked up form them I'm happy to be made to look a bit silly.

Broad is capable of such feats, just doesn't do it often enough as I said. And there's every chance his 7/44 will again be half his wickets in the series, or more. Now if you'd said I was slagging off Bell, then that might be closer to the mark, although it was more a question of whether Bell should be automatic pick, same as Broad, not ditching altogether for good.

Only two of our bowlers average under 30, and neither of them is Anderson. There is good reason why bowlers don't average under 30 - consistency. Bowling well, albeit against not one of the greatest sides, is all very well and wins Tests, it's when you're up against it and under pressure. While it was a relatively low total, England should have still been favourites to win with the target set higher than any of the previous three innings. Credit for bowling well, but this was hardly a 400-500 pitch against South Africa or India taking out the likes of Tendulkar, Kallis, Smith or Amla.

Most agree with the essence though, we don't see that Broad often enough. I don't think either of us said he wass hit so let's just hope, but not expect, to see another bowling display like that from Broad and preferably in the next Test series in the first two Tests to wrap the Ashes up early :D

Anyway, I was thinking before play today it would be a good toss to lose. I thought the captain winning the toss would bowl, but Cook has boldly gone with batting


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Sep 19, 2005
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Root's played well and does look the part. Here's hoping he's put those low scores behind him.

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